In a brand new school year — focus on ideology

"Applets continuing education kids and youth" approved Department of the Ministry of Education — and it is of mandatory to perform in schools, secondary special and higher educational institutions.
Ministry of Education to train adore home and the armed forces
Week reversed during the teachers’ conference in Mogilev aaplet introduced Deputy Minister Tatyana Kovalyov.
According to the official, is now underway in the field of education is a tremendous ideological work: "Young people need to feel themselves as patriots and citizens own country, — Kovalev said. — And this is done first for the man himself, because a sense of belonging to their native land, pride in the country make him happy. "
Full layout "happiness for the young" is given in the designated program there. According to section "Ideological providing educational work", each institution must do activities designed to "raise respect for municipal symbols (flag, anthem), also to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus."
Also scheduled to make advocacy groups that should "inform faculty and students in the burning question of socio-economic development, internal and external policy of the Republic of Belarus."
YSU gives no knowledge of ideology
Need to do to get rid of ideological circulars branch offices can only educational institutions liquidated by order of the same Ministry of Education. As an example — National Humanities Lyceum, which went underground, or the European Institute for the Humanities, which after the conflict with the authorities to register in adjacent Lithuania.
Dean of the Faculty of Arts, History and Culture of YSU Kolbasko Alexander says that although the main objective of any educational institution — to give knowledge:
"We have previously YSU ideological installation not functioning. Maybe it’s one of the reason why YSU closed in Belarus. None of this and at the moment we do not regret that nezaidealyagizavanyya. We provide knowledge and profession. In my opinion, adding to that some moral properties allows this triad forms the man.
If the government has certain Belarusian political goals, it provides this ideological circulars. I do not think we need it at YSU, although in general, at a theoretical level, any state should determine its value. All depends on how it is civilized and how these human values. "
Meanwhile, as said in an interview learned from Deputy Education Minister Tatyana Kovalyov in the Belarusian education system, a lot of attention in This year given to "improve benefits."
So, is largely redesigned course content for universities "base ideology of the Belarusian country." A similar special course will be studied in secondary schools. "We pose the task, so it was not just formal information and significant, a hot topic," — said Kovalev.
Which organizations will be considered "positive direction"?
In accordance with the "continuing education programm kids and youth" all institutions should carry out a set of activities for "organizational and methodological support of the primary organizations and BRYU pioneer organizations and other youth associations" positive direction ".
Experts believe that the bias in favor of pro-government structures machine prints the legal framework for the organization, the nature of which can always be sold as a "nepazytyvnuyu."
Such as graduation include representatives of other organizations?
Says Managing Belarusian Republican Scout Association Igor Kastsevich:
"Fact, we considered extracurricular organization and informal education. In Belarus, as everything is broken? Formal education — a school, informal — different groups of interest. And we have — informal education, in other words, we alone for yourself. Because it is they say they are on their own. And we are working quietly to himself and to the policy of not dealing. "
Past Managing Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union Vsevolod Yanchevskii believes that we should not give ideological training component undue attention because almost always agitmeropriyaty have purely formal nature:
"In general, with regard to schools and universities, I I can tell follow: in fact such a paradox is, you can read about the presence of ideology in the form of the same political information. But honestly, in practice this is carried far not everywhere and not always. And in many places, and if held, the rather superficial and formal. "
But experience shows that policies are increasingly occurs in the classroom and student audiences.
Even in public high schools in Minsk Belarus, which remained the last bastion of Belarusian system in the municipality, there are signs of modern ideology — Pioneers and Komsomol refreshed under the guise BRYU.

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