In Belarus, there is no justice to pensioners absolutely

Lady: "Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on 1 October of 2007 raised the basic pension value of all categories from 1 200 to 1800 rubles. I wish that Lukashenko, and other similar Gaiduchevici deputies saw that not all pensioners added Percentage and in rubles.
It turns out that in Russia the government is busy on their own all the elderly are equally and means fair. In Belarus, there is no justice for retired completely. Pension amount determined solely by the accumulated experience, earnings and benefits. "
Constant listener: "Some guys are fighting for the fact that Dzerzhinsky Avenue and rename the monument to Dzerzhinsky carry. But elders had would give them a hint that Felix Dzerzhinsky — our countryman, that he had a huge help that young state for many very principled dilemmas.
At least this: how many thousands of kids he rescued from starvation and from diseases. This is his reward. He first took up this problem. Must worship him in the leg. Further, he participated, and his tremendous role in rebuilding collapsed, that were the result of civilian war. So those boys and girls are not have the right to, because without knowing the history, put forward some weird demands. "
"Let Alexander Lukashenko,"Stately economist," to explain the subsequent thing. Where-is a shortage of grain, and were obliged to raise the price of flour and grain. As for us in This year, as ever, have done all that, everyone calls, brag, and Lukashenko too. Then let him answer, what is it all done, flour made, people tried, everything is fine …
Why increase the cost of flour by 5-6% increase for bakery products by 3%. What’s the matter. Let Explain why the increase. What’s the point? Still did. All collected. Bread all is normal. Why do people put pressure? . "

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