In Bobruisk closed 18 kindergartens

"Newspaper Slonimkaya" knows how to town was robbed jewelry store "Ruby." In a day or in broad store stopped by several guys. Some of them hypnotize saleswoman, and the lady herself gave the kidnappers all values — worth over 200 million rubles. After a number of days by the same method unknown robbed jewelry store in Brest. Publishes weekly identikit robbers which are wanted.
"Newspaper Slonim" also writes that Russian town of Khanty-Mansiysk appeared monument native Pruzany (then Slonimsky County) Alexander Dunin-Garkavichu — scientists, researchers north of Western Siberia. Knows the journalist Sergei Slonimsky Chigrin:
"In Khanty-Mansiysk and have a plaque and a street named after him in the local institute has a scholarship named after Dunin-Garkavicha. And we in Slonim many famous countrymen (I’m not talking about Dunin-Garkavicha, it is virtually unknown), and such known, huge countrymen as Oginskij as Lev Sapieha, who was hetman Slonim, as a poet Galyash Levchik … And we have to present a day or none of them is no monument or plaque! We have 5 years are clamoring to put a monument Lev Sapieha in Slonim, and in no way can do . "
"Bobruisk courier" reports that the Ministry of Industry has decided to close the plant "Vagaprybor." The company is liquidated due to economic nyazdatnastsi — credit debt is about 3 billion rubles. Not so long ago in the town was closed another company — "BOBRUISKAGROMASH".
In Bobruisk lacks preschool education institutions. Only in the last couple of years in the town closed 5 gardens — say education department bureaucrats. Journalists "Bobruisk Courier" estimated that in reality gardens in the town was less than 18.
Slutsky "Info-Courier". Pensioners Arcadia Borovik dolgozhitelnitsa live chicken, which went to the thirteenth year. It is up to This time carries the eggs and run around the yard like young chickens, says the owner. Incidentally, the average life span of a chicken — 7 years.
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus. " On days of Brest Frontier Group guards arrested 20-year-old inhabitant of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, kyrgiza nationality, who tried to make a tunnel under the Belarusian-Polish border. At the same time he was digging earth metal cup. During the arrest Man found a map of the Brest region, annotation "Drillbit" dry rations, warm clothes. Infiltree argues that such makarom going to Germany to get his beloved maiden. Dig under the municipal border of Belarus made before, but nobody has broken into so to go abroad.

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