In Brest can visit stravsyatsiny

"Narodnaya Volya" reports that the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office reopened the investigation into the death of Brest Lithuanian diplomat Vytautas Pociunas. Diplomat body was found August 23, 2006 near the hotel "Intourist", but the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus considered this unfortunate event and criminal case not opened. The Lithuanian side is conducting its own investigation, but in the last year in December, it stopped. At the moment, the investigation will continue at the request of the deceased relatives.
"Morning plus". "Svetlahorsk be allowed," the hammer. "In the town implement communal property. Two shops and restaurant" La berth "not sold on the 2-auctions, because a quarter of reduced prices and put up for sale again. A currently marketed besides a Hotel complex "Svetlahorsk." City officials are not able to keep the hotel, which is currently in disrepair, and trust that the new owner will bring the building, which is very necessary to the town, to the mind.
"Free Deep" publishes an open letter to the public deepest Secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman. Curiously, people appeal not to the minister of education, and specifically to the Secretary of the Security Council, because they believe the situation with the Belarusian schools danger of national security. Says editor in chief of "Free Deep" Vladimir Skrabatun:
"In town, there are three schools Deepest: two Russian, one quite a Belarusian. But a certain portion of people make the effort to translate into this school Russian language learning. We believe that the activities of these individuals undermines the base of the Belarusian statehood, since language is one of the main attributes of statehood. "
"Evening Brest". In Brest, from that moment begins a new sales-stravsyatsiny delicacy. Dietary meat dishes, which does not contain fat and allergentov will cook and the Brest restaurants and cafes. The shops sold baked meat "became fillet", packed in gofrataru. In the sale and restaurants is only the meat of young birds (age 36 months), while the average life span of an ostrich — 65 years. Stravsyatsiny price — 22 thousand per kilogram. Ostrich Farm posted in Kobrin district.

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