In Brest fined a member of the Freedom Movement Yuri Bakura

"I was accused of participating in an unsanctioned meeting of August 19, — said Yuri Bacourt Radio Liberty — although Actually I was arrested police during a presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest."
Yuri Bacourt — biologist, a graduate of the Institute of Brest, a member of the public company "BirdLife Fatherland."
Also, now the Metropolitan Tribunal Brest area will continue to review the administrative case Pronevich Love. She blamed the violation of the order during mass events.
Love Pronevich — Member public organizations "Belarusian Association of Journalists." She was also arrested on August 19 at the presentation of the book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest."
• Metropolitan Tribunal sentenced Paul Brest area Seviarynets 15 days of arrest, 22.08.2007 • Brest details of the arrest participants with P. Sevyarynets, 20.08.2007

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