In Minsk gather main Communists planet

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, which takes pro-government positions, Jora Atamanov clarifies holding communist Forum 2-towns solution to the world of the Union of Communist and workers’ parties:
"When the question of where to draw activities This year, then in view of the 90th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution Lofty decided a 2-towns. In Minsk, because there was held the first congress, the party was born here. And in Moscow — because it the capital of Russia — a country where the revolution took place. And appealed to us. We supported that decision. "
But a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Yuri Petrakov calls other prerequisites catering division into two parts — Minsk and Moscow:
"In Minsk more abilities. Organizational — again. A in-2, we have to this time will be held election campaign Duma. And all that is connected with the payment of such activities must pass through the election fund. In other words all these activities we can "hack to death" for the simple reason that be forced to pay through the fund. "
Jora Atamanov argues that the costs of reception, not counting their travel, takes only the PBC:
"Our party contributions, funds — only our party. Usually 70-75 people come. Our task — to arrange them and take.’s Where the main costs. Because, I think, special problems we have here, too, will not."
At a meeting in the capital of Belarus meanwhile ordinary party members will arrive. Many parties, for example, Denmark, Luxembourg, Turkey, Jordan has said that it will be the first person.

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