In Minsk, the anniversary of the beginning of the exhibition victory at Blue Waters

The Company Belarusian language celebratory meeting dedicated to the Battle of the Blue Waters. Olga Ipatova unveiled its latest book, a historical novel about the events. Poets read poetry — and their students, who sent them to the TBM from the regions of the country. On the walls — pictures kids and students.
Salting Ihor Likhovyi expressed confidence that with time in Ukraine will stand a monument Prince Algirdas.
The defeat of the united Mongol forces» at Blue Waters was the first great victory over the Golden Horde in Eastern Europe. He was an inspiration to the eastern Slavs, who suffered under the yoke of the Golden Horde. Duke Algirdas success blue waters prepared majestic second victory over the Tatars — the defeat of Khan Mamaia on the Kulikovo Field in 1380.
To This time Historians do not exactly caused the place where the battle took place. Excavations on the river Sinyuse failed. According to one version, the battle between the army and the Belarusian Mongolian occurred on the territory of modern Khmelnitsky region.
Salting Ukraine read on, only at the moment, scientists are beginning to find the true history of the country.
"I think that Ukraine also undergo such events, maybe not so many days and not in this format. But the dates you need to know. I currently live more Belarusian-Ukrainian relations than those living as Ukraine."
Mikola Kupava painter, vice-chairman anniversary celebration of the organizing committee, said the Minsk city executive committee are already claims about giving streets famous historical names.
"We do not hold our events in the Palace of the Republic, for example. However, we believe that very principle what we celebrate this date, and we planned a number of activities. The time will come when we will celebrate at the municipal level. This will be the municipal prazdnichek. Using this date, we sent and the Council of Ministers, and the Minsk city executive committee’s request to name one of prospectuses or square named Olgerda. "
September 12th scientific conference "Winning the blue waters and its implications for the independence of Belarus and Ukraine." September 15 — Exhibition of the Belarusian Union of Painters "Military glory Belarus" in the cafe "Good thoughts," and on September 20 celebration will end with a concert held in the Town Council BPF.

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