In Poland, there was a book about Lukashenko

Created book — magazine journalist "Newsweek Polska" Michal Katsevich, which Belarusian authorities after a series of publications about Belarus denied accreditation, also in obtaining a tourist visa.
Book "dictator Lukashenko of Belarus on the farm" is written in the form of a series of reports about various aspects of life in today’s Belarus. Considerable attention is paid to managing the career of the country — its origins, the path to power amplification process "presidential vertical" repression against civilian society.
But more notable notes from travels Misha Katsevich on Belarus — reports from Grodno, where destroyed part of an old town, also with Belarusian hinterland.
Katsevich outlines home of Marc Chagall — Vitebsk, "where the main cultural event at the moment is" Slavic market ".
"Vitebsk many foreigners. Why did they move to the city of New York, Los Angeles How this is why — it is a city Chagall! But Americans who know the work of the famous artist’s New York galleries, a little disappointed. Chagall wished to avoid such disappointments, because in Vitebsk came. A current Vitebsk not even trying very hard to keep in mind about Chagall .. Vitebsk has another idol who himself knows best and determines that there is a culture, and that only the harmful effects from abroad. "

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