In Pruzany be African cafe

Newspaper "Belarusians and Market" first lane is the theme of science and education in Belarus. In the article "Country professors retired" creators analyzed as well have an impact on current research papers writing new ideological requirements. What methodology should benefit scientists? Why This year defend his doctoral dissertation became more difficult?
Readers can find the analysis of the Belarusian economy in the field of financial and credit policy in connection with the change of gas supply. Analysts give advice Monetary Fund.
Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh banks presently began to compete seriously with the Belarusian. Together they began to make municipal candidacy Belarusian banks. Why did it happen? Read the current issue of "Belarusians and Market."
Changing the institution of registration. But this does not mean that it was not must be have a passport stamp registration. Deputy head editor of "Belarusians and Market" Ira Krylovich examine this issue:
"More is not yet clear what decision perceive Minsk city executive committee. Fact, in Minsk today is not enough workers. Here is the temporary registration may allow companies to attract new jobs for themselves hands. Quotas per square meter during registration is not reduced, but now can be register in the garden or a country house. "
Newspaper "Evening Brest" reports on a single in the farmer who grows the sheep. Tera Mathis Uoles which comes from Namibia, currently lives in Pruzhany district. Fleece blankets it produces. In Pruzany farmer builds a cafe, which will be African dishes and will not be allowed to drink alcohol and smoke.
"Bel" intended to be a hotel business in Belarus. Phone on 1 person in a new "Europe" hotel costs 310 euros. The creators of these costs associated with European and conclude that the Belarusian significantly higher.
"Bel" offers readers an interview with the famous Russian showman Roman Trahtenbergam also the director of the Minsk Hotel "Victoria" Boris Cretan.
Do Minsk story? Where are the historic sites of the town, which was one hundred percent destroyed during the second world war? Read responses to this question in the most fresh room "BelGazeta."
Analyst beer market "Rosbizneskansaltyng" Hope Gerashchenko gave an exclusive comment "Belgazeta" about the situation in Belarus. She talks about the prospects of development of Belarusian beer market and makes disappointing forecasts.

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