In Soviet Shklou street renamed for one day

In historical evidence Škloŭ first mentioned in danyasenni Polish royal ambassador Sygizmunda Gerberstein in 1526. Specifically Shklou appeared first in Belarus theater Seeds Zorich, which became the basis of the troupe famous Mariinsky Theatre pravitelskogo. In addition, the winner of Catherine II General Zorich opened in Shklou 7 manufactories and noble school for boys. Therefore One of the most prazdnichek exciting events will be the opening of the monument to Semyon Zorich in the city park. To prazdnichkom street Urickogo Marx and renamed streets Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas — by the way, it was an initiative of urban residents. A Russian street one day become street "spirituality, education and culture."
What is the biggest cheers of local residents? Shklovsky knows ethnographer Alexander chest:
"In the end is revealed in Shklou District Local History Museum. Find a former" Children’s World ", and in the town will have a good two-story museum. I am a lover of local history, even some valuable things passed, helped the museum staff, particularly because for me is good news: as statedsmiling, waited. Place "Shklov reading." It’s nice that we remember that we are Belarusians, do not forget your writing. I am a teacher of the Lyceum will be easier to talk to our children to exercise. "

"The organizers of this event is not to evaluate the literary works that they have written, and, according to their respective communities"

Naturally, something repaired, painted — all tidied more than 50 objects. On training days are Shklow to Belarusian Written by different sources oriented about 15 billion rubles.
There will be many cultural events, academic conferences, meetings with writers. Here only invited members prazdnichek 1st — pro-government — the Union of Writers of Belarus, who heads the General Nikolai Cherginets. Literary Belarusian Writers’ Union, which is headed by Ales Pashkevich on prazdnichkom will not. Not even invited the founder of prazdnichka, so to speak, "Godfather" of the Nile Gilevich, who as chairman of the Commission on Culture Supreme Council 12th convocation, suggested the day of Belarusian Written Language.
"I was not invited, that’s for sure — says the poet Gennady Buraukin. — I’m afraid that our Union was not invited anyone, as it is becoming such a sad, unusual tradition. Organizers of this event for some reason not to evaluate literary works that they written, and, according to their respective communities. "
• Glasses: writing day to celebrate in the streets, named in Russian, 10.08.2007
• Members of the SBP was not invited for a day in the Belarusian Written Postavy 2.09.2006

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