In the free studio — artist Galina Hink-Yanushkevich

Galina Yanushkevich Hink-designed 10’s children’s books, her illustrations in the funds being reserved Polotsk Museum typography. From the first issue, draws Catholic magazine for kids "Little Knight of the Immaculate." In the twelve years of teaching at the Moscow Art Institute named I.Ahremchyka brought a lot of young artists also understand the definition of Prof. secrets that and told the studio in Minsk Radio Liberty.
"In the journal" Small Knight of the Immaculate "every movement of hands on the figure should obymat must demonstrate love"
Michas Scoble: "Galina, to be a child artist — this one calling, or draw for kids though what can a painter?"
Galina Hink-Yanushkevich: "Everything in life is dependent on the desire. Creator never knows at any step of life begins to draw pictures or to write children’s nursery rhymes. To illustrate children’s books, we must be able to return itself in childhood, should be able to look at the world children’s eyes around us.
In the magazine "Little Knight of the Immaculate" I came already an accomplished painter, illustrator of children’s books. I was invited to cooperate editor of the magazine "Our Faith" Christine Lyalko and editor of "malehankih knight …" Ira Zharnasiek. They want me to support a new Catholic magazine for kids their pictures. And I support — that’s already out number 34. "
Edition of "Knight of the Immaculate malehankih" — it is very fundamental for me personally. Work in the journal I understand as its own civil and religious duty. Since talent, artistic or poetic, given by God. And every stroke, and each line — from God. And while the painter or the poet lived, they should keep in mind about this. Creator God and must always be children. "
Scoble: "And what is the specificity of the artist’s work in a religious journal?"
Hink-Yanushkevich? "The specifics of that of the religious disposition — the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, God the Father — must be canonical, educational. They can not be lightweight, they should be spirituality. At the same time, spirituality must bear not only the face. Every movement must obymat hand, should show love. Hands also carry within themselves the elements of love, patience, but not anger, disassociation. "
"The artist-illustrator must be a great frame for the works of the writer"
Scoble: "You will also collaborate with book publishers. Moreover, quite successfully — some of your book illustrations I had to create a museum of printing in Polotsk. I like the way you decorated the children’s books — paint work in the development of the plot, not what is, and what can be. And understand whether this kid? "
Hink-Yanushkevich: "I wish to place that they understand. I think that little readers twice is more fun when they were on the pages of the book tells not only the author-writer, but by the same author-artist. All started with design books Maxim tank "Primer." There have been rather short poems dedicated to some object or statements whose names start with different letters of the alphabet. And I ventured into their hand-drawn sweep add new items, they were able to much more than was initially in the tank. And then I try to keep to this rule, and I felt a lot more fun to do all the illustrations for books. I go along with the creator. clear that the main thing — not to forget the creator and waved his hand, and try to be the perfect frame for his work. "
Scoble: "It’s been a couple of years in our country No municipal children’s publishers. Instead liquidated "Youth" does not appear like the second. As a result, in the 1950s, we began to leave children’s books with black-and-white images. I asked the 1st of publishers: why? Answer: kids decorate themselves. Is there a reason? "
"A book Andersen I paint a couple of years!"
Hink-Yanushkevich: "When I was malehankih girls, I had a book of fairy tales by Andersen, finished in black and white drawings of our well-known graphic Arlen Kashkurevich. So I paint it a couple of years! Maybe this book made me an artist. I love it when so called murals are made of the highest artistic level. To their animals were great, the people smiling, looked so gently. Toddlers will delight with collaborators such images.
In "Little Knights of the Immaculate" I always leave one or two sweep for paintings. I remember when my daughter Camilla was malehankih, then she tried to assist her mother to work on by the magazine. And such brightest paint found! Brightest more than I imagined for myself. So kids in the journal must have space for your own creativity. "
Scoble: "Earlier in Belarus were so many artists — illustrators of children’s books! Neuzh that with the decline of publishing books and painters are gone?’s Who now from your colleagues in the shop working on this is not to say that the wide field?"
Hink-Yanushkevich: "Belarus is amazing school book illustrations, which does not go away and continues to pursue its best traditions. You can call a number of painters, which proud of that, I’m sure, go down in history not only of Belarus, and the art world. Today very curious work Tatiana Berezenskaya Valery Slavuk Paul Tatarnikov Igor Gordienok Rita Timokhova Valentin Makarenko. "
"You are my son drawing educate and teach you his" open damper "
Scoble: "You work at the Art Institute named Akhremchik that teach kids from all over Belarus. When I was there, I was pleasantly surprised quite a Belarusian atmosphere. Did not the ancestors of the capital to protest:" We gave of his son to study in the artist, not the Belarusian "not heard such statements?"
Hink-Yanushkevich: "At the institute I teach sketch, painting and composition for twelve years, since 1995. When I came there, I met a great group of associates, colleagues with whom I have so far is interesting and gratifying work. And in our institute a couple of years in a row wholly university admission!
Institute of Belarusian-our, this means that we have, and mathematics, and biology, and even the British language taught in Belorussian. Naturally, there were occasions when the ancestors came and started "petition": my offspring (or daughter) hard, (s) he is not aware of the Belarusian language … To which I always say with a grin: hard only to adults, children everything comes easy. And nepoprostu Belarusian know for nine languages known, taught their own kids and music, and dancing, and drawing. So at the moment. Obviously, different kids come to us. But almost a year later to find out they are not: they are well spoken in Russian, Belarusian joking and later in life know that whiteRussian language — their native language. "
Scoble: "Maybe the parents to teach their own Russified read in Belarusian."
Hink-Yanushkevich: "And their parents teach. At one point, the mother came to me 1st disciple of Mogilev and said:" You, please teach drawing, and you teach my son to "open damper". What it did for word — damper? Winter we smoke-smoke house, and he says: teacher reads, it must damper open and freshest air to breathe. "Well, this is, of course, as a joke, as a funny story. But it created a life that not only we teach kids, and they teach us. But for us, the teachers of the Institute, the most fundamental, that those kids who come to us from areas from villages, hamlets, and that they in Minsk felt like home. To know that Minsk — also their homeland. And then helps the Belarusian language. "
"Ales Pushkin free raspisav foyer in front of the assembly hall — a symbol of gratitude to the Institute"
Scoble: "I’m worth a sight your work entitled" Oginski Polonaise ": prisoner behind bars playing the violin … Perhaps, in the midst of record on painters prison terms — A
les Pushkin, who was sitting on the old days again for seven days for his role in the celebration of the Battle of Orsha Krapivinskoye field. Whatever you want it you want? "
Hink-Yanushkevich "Ales Pushkin — indeed a very brave man and a beautiful, narrow painter. Incidentally, our institute trimmed his signature. Before entering the auditorium, he donated raspisav bolshennuyu Square — a symbol of gratitude for the fact that the institution of his educated and taught. were such monumental paintings, such light, such sublime! They are devoted to the history of Belarus, and there are very many of our images of famous figures. When people come to us tours of other cities from abroad, and if those people behold the paintings, they can not believe all did one person, he had so much energy, so much love for the motherland. I wish to wish Oles: Stay in life in the same light as your paintings! And just think of light homeland and our people! "
"Belarusian people — heroic, very strong and very spiritual in Europe"
Scoble: "children’s magazine design — it’s like you said, your civil duty. Education Institute in cooperation with publishers and — this is what is called the bread of life. And what is the soul?"
Hink-Yanushkevich: "For the soul is watercolor. I love to write naturmorty landscapes. Well, another idea for the soul remains for future work. With age, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of our history is not valued highly appreciated figures. And about their still strong enough word. Our heroic, very strong, very spiritual in Europe Belarusian people have not yet discovered, not shown on the corresponding artistic level. Our predecessors fought for us, for us to put their lives. It is our duty — to keep in mind about them, praise them, and give them honor. "

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