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Ales Pashkevich: "The funds allocated for the holy writings, are not for BELARUS book, and to toast in honor of her"
Belarusian writing originates in the distal tenth century. At the foundation of the church of St. Sophia of Polotsk found stones on which ordinary hardworking builders a thousand years ago to claw their autographs. This is the most ancient Belarusian Written standards have survived to our time. In the twelfth century, famous Belarusian enlightener Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the sixteenth — Francis Skaryna pioneer in the twentieth — writer Vasil Bykov. But the organizers official prazdnichkom Belarusian writing and printing other valuables. Why did it happen? On this and other issues Valentina Aksak meets Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich.
Valentine Aksak: "From 1994, each time in a different scale from the Belarusian city of Belarus held a day of writing and printing. On some of them you have been?"
Ales Pashkevich: "Yes, from 1998, I participated in several prazdnichkom Belarusian writing. They were held in various towns. Most of them I was lucky enough to visit with presentable delegation of Belarusian writers and book publishers."
Aksak: "This year is awesome prazdnichka Belarusian Written held September 2-3 in Shklou. You, as manager of the Union of Belarusian Writers invited there?"
Paszkiewicz: "No, a couple of years to such events as I know, none of the members of the Union of Belarusian Writers are not invited."
Aksak: "Why did it happen?"
Paszkiewicz: "Today the country has a quite noticeable separation of all writers on the" good faith "and" dishonest. "So now members of the organization" Alliance of Belarusian Writers’ ideologues authorities fall just below the rank of a "fraudulent and invalid."
Aksak: "What are the principles that separation occurs?"
Paszkiewicz: "Now very simply: if you’re a friend imperatively organization means and invitations to official events will not get."
Aksak: "From what time the organization you are heading — Belarusian Writers Alliance — was considered wrong?"
Paszkiewicz: "Since 2004."
Aksak: "It seems that the writers, who remained loyal to the writers’ organization Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas and went to the new authorities made an alliance of writers, now have no ability to come across with your readers. A literature, as we know, does not live only on space desk or computer screen. As cost friends your creative organization without a living literary process that underpins the artistic expression of the writer, and how do people find out about new works of those they loved from childhood — Neil Gregory Baradulin Gilevich or, for example? "
Paszkiewicz: "Over time, month after month for a place to meet our friends from readers narrower. Moreover, on this day, almost unreal Belarusian writer, who has the idea of an independent and does not bow his own head, not only meet with readers, and spend presentation of the latest book. Example Paul Sevyarynets very revealing. And so it was decided to get our own creative association repetitive body which became a special issue of "Literary Belarus" in the weekly "New Time". illumine Also we are planning to start their own website. There big problem unclaimed made Belarusian writers and irrelevance, as it is not in distress prazdnichka read during writing, the language in which it is written of Belarus to develop and create. "
Aksak "But holding similar prazdnichkom or promotes the expansion of the Belarusian language and Belarusian literature at least within officialdom?"
Paszkiewicz: "Paradoxically, perhaps, a way, but helps. Though once a year people from TV screens and official newspapers are reporting that there are Belarusian printing.
But there is another side to this case. For disk imaging Euro Radio this year to conduct prazdnichka Belarusian Written from the municipal budget allocated an astronomical sum — already 15 billion rubles. Naturally, if these funds will be applied to the brain, must be respective national resonance. But as practice shows conducting similar activities, a lot of money is being spent not on the Belarusian propaganda books, and the beautification of the towns and cities where prazdnichkom held. Naturally, the first violin in these events play municipal bureaucrats, which is getting better and there are sweet and bitter table. And it sadly when said amount goes to the Belarusian book and toasts in honor of this book.
In This year The Ministry of Education is not purchased any software and pazapragramnay Belarusian books in school libraries. Or less true in the state would be wise to sacrifice a large part of the amount appropriated to carry out similar activities for the purchase of the product written for Belarusian students, not ostentatious event, the next day after the solemn spirit which vyvetryvaetstsa, and nothing remains. "
"Selected Works" Sergei Grahovski 30 seventh volume became famous book project "Logos." The book consists of poetry, diaries, letters, writer, also from documentary stories in which the creator said truthfully about the years of his own imprisonment in Stalin’s camps. This edition — in sight criticism Valentine Akudovich.
Sergei Grakhovo wrote sentimental and romantic poems, where entirely dominated by lofty rhetoric. However, at times their prakidvalisya really successful lines, but they are not rescued in general does not particularly remarkable poetry. Rescued poems of touching sincerity and penetrating melyadramatyzm. They just fooling readers and critics for compliments. Although even the most devoted fans of Sergei Grahovski hardly multiply the value of his poetry for the Belarusian literature. That indirectly confirmed that the selected works, published in a series of "Logos" where poems in total occupy quite little space. And we have even more on their not dwell so that more talk about the Valuation narobku creative writer. Specifically trilogy about his repressed life, which made the documentary novel "Zone of Silence", "blacklisted" and "Such blue snow." True writes in the introduction Lydia Savic: "These works became an event in Belarusian literature … as creators of works of Russian prison Solzhenitsyn, Shalamov, A. Zhigulina … "
Sergei Grakhovo finished the literary department of the Minsk Pedagogical Institute in 1935 and started working as an editor at the Belarusian Radio, he was arrested. A devotee of the proletarian revolution, the Party and Comrade Stalin personally, he later years will reduce themselves unrealistic questions: "Why, why, what for you as cattle, as a thief or a murderer, so many years in a row somewhere driven, driven, thrown out of bullpen in jail, with step by step, from the single to the cooler? .. You’re nobody and eye did not fall asleep, do not kid insulted with youth only knew one of our own way, only our people, and at least at the moment ready for it honestly give my life. "
Adpakutavavshy 10 years in jail and concentration camps of Siberia, Sergei Grakhovo with so-called the "wolf ticket" back to Belarus. But briefly. By decree of Stalin in 1949, he, like every last "enemy of the people", was re-arrested and exiled to Siberia for "permanent settlement".
Certainly, there Sergey Grakhovo, and go into oblivion, not to death of Stalin. In 1955, count, 20 years after his first arrest, he was rehabilitated.
How fortunate that despots also killed. Every day in the life of Stalin’s death was paid thousands of innocent people is not guilty. Only later, in the ’90s, when we started the first sample justification of Stalin’s despotism, Sergei Grakhovo indignant: "In an interview with" Literaturnaya Gazeta "KGB chief Kryuchkov says, from the 30th to the end of the 50s was not convicted of 70 million, and just 3 million 778 thousand 234 people, 786 of them shot 98 thousand people. Which simple liar Who would believe? In "my" small, virtually unknown Uzhlyagu for my 10 years milled over a million. A Kolyma, Vorkuta, Karaganda … Syblyag , hundreds and hundreds of factories perdition. "
Naturally, the KGB chairman lied, even if the exact figure called shot, because the absolute majority of Gulag prisoners perished not by a bullet, and through hunger, cold, overwork and moral izymatelstvo. Sergei Grakhovo shows how from the zone-fitting crowded steps through the year remained alive that a man weaving. In particular, many people perished in the concentration camps during the war, when the workers increased standards, and food became less.
Reading all this apakaliptyku, I suddenly thought about it quite a different figure, The frozen hard famous conclusion: "In Lofty Russian war killed more than 20 million Russian people." Who are unlikely to accurately estimate how many of those millions were killed in the war, and in the Russian concentration camps for thousands of miles from the front. But I’m slightly surprised if one day it turns out that a 5-year war in which only half of the victims (even more than half) povinet Hitlerism, and the rest — Stalinism. Who later also hid own bloody narobak the overall statistics of war, it is recognized as an expense of the Germans.
Sergei Grakhovo with none, nor on the other hand did not get into this terrible fact. He survived. But after every now and then will also be justified, that survived. "I feel some of you blame:" Uh, brother, then you were lucky, able to adapt, not so much eager to work as prydurvavsya. "Is to not get out of the woods and bent, it would be better? I know from experience — neither the strongest whole period, even half could not stand to knock down and loading survived … only those who are at least a little luck prakantavatstsa for light work. "
By the way, nowhere in their own stories Sergei Grakhovo not directly reads about another significant factor that has promoted him to stay alive. Accused of counter-revolutionary and nationalist activity, twenty-three so to have a better chance to survive, and has forgotten the language, and poetry. Specifically so — forgotten. In their own stories spanning more fruitful years for each poet, he neither the language nor about their own Belarusian poetry, consider, does not mention. Serving his own first prison term, Sergei Grakhovo himself asked to teach at the school of the Russian language and literature, staff stated that in general does not know the native language, and in the home library did not keep any of Belarusian books. And only once in Minsk, hiding in bookstores, so looking back, browse Belarusian magazines.
I once wrote about the whiteRussian language, as a symbol of failure. An example of this — and the fate of Sergei Grahovski. Together with that, only with his tongue piercing as he could and soul to tell about their own tragic fate. And written remain.
Creators and works
VICTOR Shalkevich: "I wish wrote the book" Requiem for of unnecessary things "
On the last day of August on radio "Freedom" ended the series "Summer with Shalkevich" in which the actor participated Grodno Drama Theater, the famous bard Victor Shalkevich. In "House of Writers’ meet him Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Victor, once a day, students heard thee: thy song, notable stories of your life. So you sacrificed for the sake of summer summer on" Freedom "?"
Victor Shalkevich: "Yes, I did not sacrifice anyone, transmission were recorded. Somehow looked just as I typed topical subjects, and decided to tell them to people. I’ve got much more than sounded on the radio. This is a very small part my life, because it turns out that I have it — story, every day something exciting going on. "
Scoble: "Do you really active life. And where is the place in which is better for you to recuperate? Or is the place for you do not need?"
Shalkevich: "Even as required. Soon I very rarely manage to be alone, and this discrepancy. Not so long ago I was in Wroclaw, and my companion settled me in a villa, where he once stayed Brezhnev. There at all except for me anymore There was no one. And I just sat down and eventually finished the song, which for a long time could not finish …
Near Grodno, under Riverlands, there Salatstse village, where I start to build a small wood cabin. This house built my uncle for my cousin. But her brother was killed, and his uncle died, and I bought the frame. I currently hunt from time to time to be with nature, and to see that there is fascinating. When I brought a surveyor to measure the earth, that there cuckoo cuckoo later hare ran, sat down on a hillock, scratched and ran away. That’s what our life is not enough. "
Scoble: "I remember well, and our students, I think, have not forgotten how you typed in" Lima "in the" youth "their stories. A did not disclose the scene and a guitar from you purely literary creativity? Either you write something that is not sing to the accompaniment of a guitar? "
Shalkevich: "Just now I am doing what I enjoy doing.’s One thing — to write some stories, stories, and the second thing — to live in these subjects own life. I soon love memuarnaya literature. I read with ecstasy memories majestic Russian bard Alexander Vertinsky. More fun in life can not come up with anything. Because I have a great idea for a book, which will be called "Requiem for of unnecessary things." It turns out that in our life there is a lot of unnecessary things that we do not throw out, because we have them sentiment. For example, I have a homemade Pan, who took advantage of my elder sister, later my older brothers, I later. And I feel sorry for him to throw. Later I have a radiogram "Ural-57" telly "Atlant" bike "Voskhod-2M", a long time we were. I think under 50 years I sit, zbyarusya with the spirit and I will write about it. "
Scoble: "Many people adore you as an actor, as a performer of his own songs. And to tell of himself as a reader. Which writer do you prefer?"
Shalkevich: "I wish to note Andrew Hodanovich. It’s quite a clever young man, his tongue in an exciting place suspended. But he has one drawback: if he wrote poetry and took up the guitar. A similar defect in Liavon Volsky — even if he sang, and wrote a fairy tale … I also like the fact making Vintses wisely. I consider it one of the best Belarusian prose of the late 20th — early 21st century. "
Scoble: "You took part in this year’s literary festival" Month author’s reading "in the Czech town of Brno. Likelihood of whether such festival in Belarus, and who of Belarusian writers must read, that these meetings people walking?"
Shalkevich: "I think we live in an old stereotypes: if writers come" Village ", then you need to round up a full house of people … I’m not so long ago was at the meeting, which was spent by the Swedish Embassy in Grodno. Arrived Belarusian and Swedish poets and meets their weight poets with accordions in embroidered shirts, the girls bread and salt tray … It is not done. Better come 10 persons, but those who do really curious. Again: usually, so can not read his own poems. "
Scoble: "You propose to return readers Institute, which is popular in the Russian time?"
Shalkevich: "He was very popular in all times and among all peoples. I’ll tell you a story. When I was a student, I occasionally acted on television in the Grodno "Bookstore" waged by Alexis Pyatkevich. There I was just reading poems various Belarusian poets. And at one point on the record, I met with Misha Streltsov that case was in Grodno. I will never forget what memory produced by Streltsov read me his poems! He even said to me: "You have opened me of myself." Then I wanted to make a presentation of the latest book in Streltsov "store" — a poetry reading with musical underlay … But, unfortunately, Michael Streltsov died. And nothing failed.
In that poets can not read his own poems, I made sure again in Brno. Come and sit in the hall, usually fifteen to twenty people … And there is one question every day sounded: "How do you feel about the independence of the Moravian land? .." No, there were ordinary people. Czechs our performances made a stunning memory. Nothing like they beheld. In their country is quiet, nothing special going on there. "
VICTOR Shalkevich. BALLAD OF poets
Reading magazines, newspapers, Shaping their horizons, lived-in one village were poets, true — two pieces 50.
Apisvali and iambic and trochaic How bad once we all lived, played and grew, shalili, licking all leaders.
And so to the end … "Sweet, people, To sacrifice the maternal gift …" But the clouds are coming from the east, over the village council zmenivsya standard.
Conscience spit-covered care, "Arise from the knees, bitch, do not be silent!" "The administration requests new poems, also new songs — the listeners."
"Arise, poet, and again in the language of net maternal And all howl!" "It’s too bad we lived under Communism, How excellent in all life was ON!"
Slowly locked newspapers. Local sustained and cursed. Once upon a time in a village poets … Once upon a time, and suddenly — pamyarli.
All up to 1, even cry, though smeysya. Previously slammed the creative avant-garde silent accordion or poems or songs, nothing but the dead — a lot.
Graves overgrown with weeds. As the years passed. No, how to zdiv Nor flower malehankih not put there, No one svechechka not lit.
So, working people did not even see What are dying navmor intellectuals, He sowed bread and brew dyazhyv And permanently zlynvav over the hill.

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