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Andrei Karelin: "Any one of us may encounter a situation Kupala"
The sixth issue of the magazine "Youth" written by young playwright play Andrei Karelin and famous historian Vitaly Skalaban "hug height." It was written in 2004, but so far never delivered. The fate and content of the work, whose protagonist Yanka Kupala last year own life, says one of the creators of the play Andrei Karelin. With our correspondent met him Aksak Valentine.
Valentine Aksak: "I would like to start our conversation here with what. I’m amazed to learn that you are in his late 30 years — created 2-10-s plays. Could you tell me what time you started to write them?"
Andrei Karelin: "You see, I own education — literary worker, playwright. I graduated from the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Culture in 2001, but began to write, probably in 2000, when he came to work in the Belarusian Drama Theater. Started writing plays specifically, since I was quite sad. I worked as the head of the literary section, and acquainted with the material, which comes to me in the department, and, to put it mildly, this material was not very good. Then I thought about it: I — Prof. playwright, why do not I start writing. "
Aksak: "As you add up the case with the Belarusian Belarusian theaters and directors?"
Karelin: "I respect many directors such as Vitas Grigolyunasa who delivered my last performance. But so develop incident now Minsk I do not see theaters in which I would like relates theater to which I could respect in the full sense of the word. "
Aksak: "And you do not offer them his plays?"
Karelin, "Do not suggest, as this waste of paper and time."
Aksak: "And here’s your last play, which was written in collaboration with renowned historian Vitaly Skalaban" hug height "and written in the magazine" Youth ", it only Belarusian material. Moreover — on Belarusian literature classic Yanka Kupala. Who will it be able to offer you except Belarusian theaters? "
Karelin, "There is such moment every writer, when you write a work for you like it-like-like, and a month later you read it — and you really do not like. Here I am with those Samoyeds who belong to their own creativity without a huge respect. So to me this play after a while did not like. Three years from the time when the play was written, the emperor Skalaban walking behind me and offered to take her to the theater one, the other, and I read — no, I can not carry it anywhere. Suddenly in May or April this year I called the editor in chief of the magazine "Youth" Raisa Borovikova, the tube was heard and the voice Vitaly Skalaban. She said: "It is possible, we will print your play" height hug? "So this piece appeared this year in the sixth issue of the magazine" Youth ".
Aksak: "Tell me, is the historical materials indicate afterne step Kupala suicide was wrong end of your plays? "
Karelin, "I tried to analyze the spiritual condition of Kupala. Suicide attempt was in 1932, during his pyatsidesyatsigoddya. And there was such a number of steps Kupala kind of action against Simon natsdema Baranavyh own and other friends, after which, it seemed to me after the study materials on Yanka Kupala, it is that at the moment esotericism called death of the human soul.
Particular relevance in the play is not being given to whether it was suicide, whether it was murder. It’s all the same it is not the playwright, even, perhaps, not a historian, and any investigative bodies if they are all the same zahochut learn the truth. My view is that Midsummer was a dead man for a long time before he fell into this height, which he metaphorically obymaet in my play.
And while working on the play, by the way, we do the case, coupled with Skalaban met with people who almost witnessed that incident at the hotel. Were sitting right there in my office, talking about Kupala, I asked Skalaban as he believes there was either murder or suicide, and suddenly went employee of the department, which I headed, and fleetingly read, and you know, my mother worked in this hotel cleaning lady, and she beheld, as a man came up and, leaning on the railing, and his hand fell, and he fell. Someone at the same time we met who had read: no — it wholly murder. My point of view — it is not so important. "
Aksak: "One last question: do you have any desire to return to this topic after a while? Do you have any desire to write something to recycle or maybe latest play, as you said, that this is not happy, play, the main character of which was the poet Yanka Kupala? "
Karelin: "If we decide to cooperate with Skalaban on, then, of course, I would be curious to analyze it further. Since — God knows! — Everyone probably will be in a situation in which appeared Yanka Kupala. And do any conclusions always better advance than after you do something. Naturally, I wanted to come back to topic . "
Creators and works
Jura PATSYUPA "my recollection THAT Grodno settled evil spirit"
Yuri Patsyupa — created only poetry collection "Night," which was released back in time bibliyatechtsy Russian magazine "Youth". But, according to the poet, five or six of his manuscripts so far not met with the printing press. In the near future, Yuri became interested farmatvorchastsyu and made the first Belarusian scratch-sonnets, sonnets brahikalyany verses-verses-tuyug tsentony. These exotic works, we now hear the author’s reading, and before that — Yura Patsyupam talk Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Jura, with nedavneshnego time you live in Minsk, and before that for a long time lived in Grodno, where they worked at the institute. Either you do not get bored by students on campus — Grodno still a royal?"
Yuri Patsyupa: "I miss not Grodno, and on the lake — the village where he lived for a long time. And why not miss … Surely Grodno, Grodno hurt me to take. That terrible" reconstruction "that there is so touching me, I can not even read the publications on this topic. I clenched my fist in the nerves, and only then can read about it. remembrance that settled in Grodno evil spirit. Naturally, materialized in certain people — the leaders of the town. Certainly, I never would not dare to move to Minsk, but with some long Grodno for me was strange and cool. I will not say I’m very happy moving to Minsk … If I had the opportunity, I would have left the village at the same time, not thinking. "
Scoble: "And yet I wish for you possible more frisky acclimatization in the capital. You work in the municipal publishing "Fiction". Has long stroll rumors that there is a "black list", according to which one can give writers and others can not. Have you beheld these lists? "
Patsyupa: "No, I beheld even heard of them. Not so scary, as from time to time someone scares."
Scoble: "And what you are directly engaged in publishing?"
Patsyupa: "At the moment I’m working on a translation into whiteRussian language works of Joseph Ignatius Kraszewski. Two of his majestic works are due to be a series of "Treasures of the world literature." Novel "Mother of Kings" — about yagaylovyh times. Tale "Paper Glinka" tells about the time Karol Radziwill, it is written in such skazavym style language as if from the mouth of the nobleman sounds. I am very happy that I got this translation, I have established a very good relationship with the interpreter Misha Kenka ".
Scoble: "In the near future," Fiction "and publishes audio books. Told about this publishing site."
Patsyupa: "I had to lead to the publication of the disc with works of Belarusian writers — classical and contemporary. Part works it sounds in the performance of actors, and some — a historical reco
rd of votes the creators. A disc can even hear the voices of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. I was very impressed with voice Kupala. I was walking along the corridor publishing and did not give the player could not hear enough voices Kupala. cleansers How absorbs water, and I wanted to soak up the voice Kupala and they will be filled. Kolos And I was struck by their own everyday life: as an old man reads verses of our time. I was pleased that the Belarusian language has changed how we hear from Kolasa and sounds at the moment. "
Scoble: "You do a lot with the passing of Ivan Franko and even put his adnatomavik Belarusian. If he sees the light?"
Patsyupa: "He had to see the light at the end of the past, in 2006. Very contributed edition Ukrainian embassy. But after, as Prime Minister of Ukraine Yanukovych became suddenly dealing with the publication of Franco-Belarusian stopped, there were some prepyadstviya. I feel sorry for the people working in the book, I gathered davneshnie and new translations Misha Klimkovich Eddie Agnyatsvet, Maxim Tank Ales Trojanowski (he did more translated poems), Basil Zuenko who translated the poem "Moses." I still hope that the poetry of Ivan Franko in Belarusian see the light point in this case is not put. "
Scoble: "You are a poet and literary critic, and translator … And that closer to your heart? Where do your feelings, your" Mozart "?"
Patsyupa: "I took up all genres, except not write novels. Where’s my" Mozart "? Certainly, in poetry, lyrics, though I do not write a lot.".
Jura PATSYUPA. Of new poems
so be it of peace and bare hands as soon as I heard on the couch so your knees curtained light round the clock: one friend is better not to know What INJECTING mouse! (Rustle) not hear whispering your hair lilac-and p-glazed air and rain — horizontal draft curtained darkness with light rain and tiptoed through the ceiling lamp star last drop of rain
August autumn — amber month

with a slight aftertaste of longing, please warm up slightly

to forget the summer debt.
A garden of summer storms takovskie,

like ride bear scowling new moon of narrow wax

seen over the house a little bit.
Spiders spore every day fatter

Software is catch and poultry yard is due to the outskirts

hurry on board again.
Series of asters, dahlias family

come together for the festival held a solemn autumn mist

embraces them completely.
And in this silence, this radiance

in the heart songs of cicadas hear excessive Tipo Zman

quiet uzrygav cascade.
Who else is crying, whom he calls,

whose soul is torn out there? Hey, nebaracha reads view!

A cloud shadow passed …
By greenish grass Pure Snow —

barefoot. It to us, we only shapyane

it overnight
in vain that we went to sleep alone

100 miles away, because the clock as dreams, as bells,

and that is —
it snow and grass, snow later …

And — grass! Again, your eyes saw in my dream —

ah, grass!
Sonnet-TSENTON *
In charms mleet night. Beyond the river in the distance between a racket gratifying bushes on the other side. That on that? And you have already disappeared. Not so little happiness, although it was not quite so. Oh heart, do not you cry! — Still not finished talking while unrelenting darkness. Guard, as if death, clock, days of, years, beating the fire, the coffin and up. Sorry for the broken desires. In the black days of his past life I remind, and every crack and groan, and echoing clatter of birds … Come to the forest, then swallow air — in the waves of the lake spilled gilding: Self-Sierra, Rhine, Aaro, Pau, the Danube!
* Tsenton consists of rows of different poets. Creators lines which applied tsentone Yu Patsyupy M. Bogdanovic (10, 11), A. Harun (12), M. Gromyko (6) K. Kiriyenko (4) B. Lastouski (14) G. Levchik (5) A. carrots (7) A. Pavlovich (1) A. Ryazanov (3, 8); F.. Chernyshevich (2, 13); Yanuca D. (9).
Anatoly Sidorevich. At the turn of iron and songs
Maxim Tank. Works in 13 volumes so. 1-4. Minsk: Belarusian Science, 2006, 2007
If not all, almost all Maxim Tank. Perhaps you could find the hidden content publishing — collected works of the poet in 13 tamoh. And a similar publication will not soon again. That is why it had to be thought out manner tribute. But it is not thought out, though acted, academic publishing house "Belarusian science", although in each volume is a top of the Institute of Literature of the Academy. Editors — university and publishing — have forgotten pranumaravats lines and the reader (interested amateurs, experts) are in reality most of their counting, that match the main text and options kamentarnay parts. And, after the header kamentarnay products not supplied in brackets numbers of the pages on which one or the other begins verse. This complicates the work of the reader, which, again just have a desire to compare options. In addition, in the publications of this kind is required to print not only the contents of the volume, and alphabetical reference to each of them.
If the previous Collected Works Maxim Tank out in the particular and the active participation of the poet (albeit academic literature), went without a role tekstolyagav and academic publishing house, now we have a fundamentally different situation. Before us, remember, not the selected works, and Collected Works in 13 tamoh. And compiled this collection is not a creator, an academic institution. This collection can and should be associated with the Complete Works of Yanka Kupala, with what is called a complete collection of the works of Maxim Bogdanovich, and with the collection of 20 works tamoh Kolas. And the first question that had to be in front of the university and publishing editors like and whether investments in each volume to go for the creator? I mean that the poems in the first 4 tamoh printed on zbornikavaga principle: in the first volume — Poems, trapped in the book "On stage", "cranberry color" and "Under the mast", in Volume 2 — collections of poems "In flaming sky", "to know", "On the stone, iron and gold" and "On The Road". And so on. This approach to investment volumes justified in publishing collections of his lifetime. According to this principle is laid, for example, the first collected works of Yanka Kupala, which came out in 1925. In the first volume Midsummer arranged works, printed in the "pipe" and "play" in Volume 2 — Poems from the collection "Through Life" …
But err who ponder that Yanka Kupala mechanical transfer their works from the collections in the first volume of the collected works of their own. Mistaken and who ponder that Maxim Tank and was engaged in writing his collected works in the midst of the 1960s and in the late 1970s. Note that the second of them is taken as canon for 13 tamovaga.
For example, the book "On stage", which was released in 1936, and the section "On stage", written in the first volume of the collected works of the poet, published in 1978, differ from each other in general and in detail. All in all — if you compare this number of verses in Vilnius in 1936 and the collection in the "On stage" in Collected Works, 1978. Some of the work (for example, parts of the poem "Naroch") section of the poet threw, but included in the section of poems that were not included in the first compilation. All in all — if you compare this order printing works in the collection and in the section. It does not match. And do not think that Maxim Tank stuck in the formation of sections in Collected Works chronological principle. In detail: Maxim Tank corrected, changed his poems. In my beloved poem "Rendezvous" with the unforgettable refrain "and her eyes wet with tears," or in the poem "asleep Tale", which became the collected works of a "Sonnet" and I also love these changes are insignificant and have benefited. But some texts corrected poet beyond recognition. And not always changes were caused by aesthetic considerations. Take for example the poem "Schoolboy." In the book "On stage" it was called "And the songs and the sun," and it was a stanza:
Can not you understand that language is not native they say to you about someone else’s life — no noise birches and strips the poor, not the parent song, not the song haymakers?
Caught in Russian Belarus Maksim Tank, surely realized that this verse should be removed, otherwise you can get into the number of "nationalists". This in Western Belarus was not tried for nationalism — in Russian Union tried and eyes.
In another poem ("We go their own way and not sung …"), which in Russian now won the title "We are all ways not sung …" appeared in October, which was not even close to pershapublikatsyi. The poet should glorify the Bolshevik Revolution to settle their loyalty newest power.
We can not and have no right to throw anything Maxim Tank: it was his copyright. Now, when the poet asked, if for contribution Collected Works undertook academic institution, it would be necessary, while respecting copyright Maxim Tank, it will go up to the collected works of investments particularly academically. As in the posthumous collection of Kupala and Kolas, we should be able to abandon the principle pazbornikavaga printing texts in separate tamoh in favor of the principle of chronologically. Then there would be in the first four sections tamoh "Poems are not included in the collections." These sections are valid only in the non-scientific or popular science publications (remember, he was a 12-Tamov Collected Works of Anton Chekhov, which produced publishing "True" in the middle of the 1980s). But the newest and most comprehensive collection of works Maxim Tank undertook to publish academic institution and academic publishing house …

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