In the House of Writers Peter Minarzhik and Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk

Peter Minarzhik "with Belarus festival came pretty Creators"
A July 30, one day, in the Czech town of Brno lasted literary festival "Month author’s reading." This year, the state was invited Belarus, before Czech luxury lovers of literature were almost three 10-ka Belarusian writers from Minsk, Bialystok and Prague. With the organizer of this extraordinary literary festival on the Czech side Minarzhik Peter discusses Hanna Sous.
Hanna Sous: "Peter, you, as an organizer, assess the results of the festival?"
Peter Minarzhik: "Evaluate the results of the festival should spectators who came to the festival, and I, as one of the organizers, I can say that he was surprised and pleased with how the festival was held, and that of the 30 1st guest, but 4 people came everything. We think that with the organizational side, everything was fine, then you can not complain. Though not very well that the Belarusian part of the parish fewer people than the Czech. But it can be replenished by the fact that the Web are all the materials, and those who are interested can find everything on the Web. If associate with the previous year, when the guests were writers from Germany and from Slovakia, it also came to their little people. It’s all very relative. I attribute this to the fact that the debate needed interpreters, and it is quite hard to listen to. "
Sous: "If you look at the history of the festival, after the introduction of the practice of distinguished guest reversing two years were invited to Germany and Slovakia — the adjoining country. Why This year Belarus has been selected and not, for example, neighboring Poland? What explains such enthusiasm to the Belarusian literature? "
Minarzhik "Why specifically Belarus? There are a few circumstances. During 1-x, what we know about the Belarusian literature that we read and how we imagined it Sergei Smotrichenko, seemed to us quite fascinating and unknown to the Czech public . We discover uttered: "To bring this literature here — a worthy cause." Our festival does not focus on the neighbors. Reveal the secret — in the coming year, the Festival will be the venerable Canadian writers. So that the neighborhood — it is not the main aspect. "
Sous: "Every day in July conducted live broadcasts readings from the website of the festival you can download videos of all the speeches. Do you have statistics to visit the web site of the festival? Will somehow applied this unique literary video file?"
Minarzhik: "Who is the page of the festival has gone about 10 thousand people. Most people went to the archives, where there are recordings of performances. This is really a very decorous figure. Live streaming broadcast comparable not many people. After the speeches, the video archive began a real breeze. So that most specifically used archival materials. "
Sous, "will be released on the basis of a festival edition collection?"
Minarzhik: "I do not know whether the book. Remain But archival materials, which are located on the website of the festival. Currently considering the possibility of releasing a collection that could reach the subsequent festival — in other words, until July 2008. And he would could also have reviews on this festival. While this is only a dream, but, we hope that the cooperation with the Belarusian side will last. And maybe we will create scholarships for Belarusian creators. They receive these scholarships in the Czech Republic or in other countries of central Europe. And then there will be published their books in the Belarusian and Czech. But these are only plans. "
Sous: "How do you assess the level of Belarusian literature, which was presented at the festival?"
Minarzhik: "I did not have to be assessed, but I can say that I was not surprised, because he was familiar with" Belarusian anthologies of short stories "that we came here. Because little was briefed about your literature. I am satisfied, but more amuses me that people are walking here and they say it — good lyrics and remarkable creators .. Because I can tell: those people, who walk on every performance level liked, and they are happy. "
Sous: "Personally, you whose performance Belarusian creator made the greatest memory?"
Minarzhik: "It’s hard to say. As for my taste, then sent to the attention of the emperor Ryazanov, after certain things Ilya Sina — not so much performance as texts. Also Vishnu, etc.. But Ryazanov directed attention to themselves, I like the way he talks to the audience. But again I say, the creators essentially very many at the moment in my head already zblytalasya all, and I would not want anyone to miss. "
Sous: "Every day and spoke Belarusian and Czech writers. Ever happened between them a contact?"
Minarzhik: "Naturally, the contacts between them were, we did not disturb them. But it was like the individual elements of the festival. Temporarily created a small community, the participants in contact among themselves independently of us, the organizers, but the contact is not dependent on whether it is the Czech writer, or Belarus, but rather on what they were men. "
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk "Masaryk TESTAMENT IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC made at the municipal level"
One of the participants of the festival "Month copyright reading" was the poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk. Share your impressions on his return from the Czech Republic asked him Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Leonid, a month, once a day — literary meetings … And not tired listeners from that amount of poetry and prose?"
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk: "When preparing for a trip to the Czech Republic and in those days he had spent in Brno and Prague, I involuntarily recalled his trip as a passenger express literary" Europe 2000 ", which was accomplished in the summer of 2000. Segodnyaschy trip — a small, one performances, and that journey — a long, stretched out to 46 days, and speeches and then it was very much a lot — in Lisbon, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Lily, Brussels, etc., until the St. Petersburg and Moscow, with an appeal to Berlin. was an opportunity to watch the European audience for literature lovers harsh … These people not much, they are very attentive and they do not get tired of listening: they vividly perceive mental humor, mental reasoning and artistic poetic letter. We can say that this year in Brno I met with the same rare listeners with the special literature lovers, with whom he met seven years ago in the space on which moved eminent literary Express "Europe 2000".
Scoble: "Belarusian creators were paired with Czech. Whom one day fell to read to you?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "I came to Brno with Boris Petrovich in the morning and in the evening on July 11 we have listened to the Czech writer Jan Novak. Was a full house, which clearly indicated — Czechs love their literature, their own writers. Room was full moon on July 12, when he spoke Arnost Goldflam (he was my partner), and on July 13, when he read his prose Kogavt Paul, so do notwhere he wasabout to sit down — the audience had to stand. Czech fans are pragmatic to the South American way — her first his curious: time and their money to someone else she does not like to waste. This does not mean that the Czechs have forgotten the covenant own stately president Tomas Masaryk: intently, sensitive to others! This very festival "Month author’s reading", which took place thanks to the care of foreign minister of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg, shows that at the municipal level Masaryk made a covenant. "
Scoble: "There is a beautiful Czech word" budytel "- a man who wakes civilization. So in the Czech Republic called poets who started in the 18-19 centuries national revival. We have at the moment and there are needed poets revivalist. And there were in th
e Czech Republic? "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "Waking — means to return to life, takes the path of activity, state work. Such a task worth far before our Belarusian literature. I do not think that the modern Czech literature has such a concern. Under the influence of music Smetona and poetry, everyday, in the end — critical works of Jan Nerudy Czechs, as a civilization, have been astute in the 19th century. Efforts were completed job creators politicians — such as Masaryk Benesha Edward, and in 1918 there is independent Czechoslovakia. I think that before the true Czech writers are first aesthetic, psychological, artistic, and not educational puzzles. "
Scoble: "The history of international literary festivals enriched vzaemaperakladami. Either will poems Dranko Maysyuk-Czech, Czech poets and poems — in Belarusian in your translation?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "I hope that by the end of our readings translated into Czech appear that modern Belarusian poetry and prose. In this sense, the work of the organizers of the festival Czech Petar Minarzhik and Byelorussian Sergey Smotrichenko acquire its logical end."
Scoble: "At Brno Belarusian writers not only read their works, and performances demonstrated. As was seen this kind of art Czech public?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "With sufficient mental alertness. Literary timely game when the creator of 18-20 years, and when he was under 40, but he continues to play, then it causes skepticism smirk. And hunting ask" where harsh work ? "Because literature — it first severe, mental, sensual lyrics. And we lie on the table, or we lie under the table — it is not literature. This is something else."
Scoble: "In Prague metro in the place where we — advertising, hung poetry classics Czech poetry. People move to and read. As for your perception, the Czechs — more poetic people than Belarusians?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "I like it when huge billboards can read poetry. Somehow Nyamiha on marketing plyakatse I read Peter Glebka quatrain and was very happy. As for your question, it is philosophical, asks measured reasoning. Poetic — in other words provided on beauty, on delicate feelings, the beautiful emotions. All this characteristic we, Belarusians. All this is typical and Czechs. But each nation its own approach, and their awareness of poetry and beauty, and life in general. All this is dependent on comprehensive bouquet that consists of historical, economic, geographic, religious and cultural traditions. Because, as you know, there are people who are more sensual, and there are more optimal. difference only in the manners and more money, but not in paetychnastsi — other words of beauty. Because exactly as Czechs more poetic folk for the Belarusians Belarusians more poetic folk for Czechs! "
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk. With the future books "CON"
Someone is lying, lying — I do not lie to you: Here in Belarus Zhyzhal — god of fire.
Shine, zalatsee, shines, and still not bad he warms Vile bakes.
Pagarevshy sly, with a land torn vvysh — Zhyzhal, swill Zizka! Zhyzh restless!
Bazhyshka not small, and not that of the same old — Zhyzhal, swill Zizka! Tolerant Zhyzh …
For lightning lightning, thunder And for — Big Thunder … Zarnitsa over porch thunderstorms outside the village.
Through such blue — This paint Perun! And with oak ridge Tomb hail acorns!
Gullies tour for cloud creepy horns crumbling stones, Screen continues drawl, Sparks showered, lights …
Close the windows, doors, Excellent think about fate, After flying axes already thundering from heaven.
If Locate ax That Perun for you will then not wishing without action on Power long years.
On the 2-on 3, 4?. Apparently, no one knows how many legs on jumps die like he walks, runs as …
Looks, scared out of the corner, or pretends important, and like a cat, a dog whether terrible? ..
And can not paws — horse hooves He throws, cutting off letters from the bushes tail like a sharp razor? ..
Does not know for sure, and God, I note here the way I am, has a face that is dying, whether human face? ..
Overgrown or bark scales or skin sobakovyh? Lives in the river or on the river, whether in the forest Vaukalakovu? ..
Maybe something like this? .. Can not you? .. Question for a question … Yes will express, as if by chance, Such merkavanneyka:
If horned head, When a crown of sieve, then his home — a quagmire What is missing here is NOT completely.
It features and probably death itself! And how great countrymen, "Oh, you do not have to Doha!" — They say this about the enemy.
And that is not the enemy of God rook, because the soul of discoveries from Turov they say and in the city Davydov.
God of heavenly fire, Give us your heat Horror native native sky conceal.
There was even the gods — You watched from all sides; Every corner and every horn testified first god Svarog!
You family protected. Then exterminate debauchery, fornication; Ure, as if the infection, you throw in the fire of the holy.
Our blood of thy light Power blacksmith took: At lightning and thunder Dragon Perapleshcham us!
Cohn. Over the world from time immemorial he breathes!
He — Ruler order a long time, the fate of our hum!
Linen — This CONAVI dream Lodge, corner and the throne!
Fruit — This millstones and pen visible your face, Con!
Death — This star curse, kiss thy Con …
The most perfect law — Do not hide behind Con And not to bet.

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