In the U.S., convicted swindler from Belarus

According to the verdict of the court in Buffalo, Maxim Levin was sentenced to 16 months bullpen must also pay a fine of 334-x thousands of dollars. The verdict by the district tribunal USA. Levin allowed to finish the last semester of the institute of learning. Over the next 5 years The federal government will lead Levin closely monitored.
According to forensic investigator Jack Rogowska Levin worked together with a team of crooks — it’s more people from the former USSR:
"Levin — is 25th convicted in the case of fraudulent insurance institute Buffalo. Scheme by which acted these people, was perfect. The police, who arrived on the scene, and could not come to a head that auto collision of 2-ton was instsenizavanae that all drivers and passengers were members of the same general komplota and that they have acquired injuries were the fruits of other unfortunate cases. "
All so called victims not only received considerable insurance funds, and as necessary in the healing clinic. Worked at the firm 45-year-old dummy Dr. Mark Nepakroev. He admitted that during a couple of years takes homemade diploma Meksynskaga Institute and was eventually sentenced to four months jail.
By Jack Rogowska, spices in psyhakryminalistyki, most of the post-Soviet space rogues with whom he had a chance to talk, typically have very highest IQ. These people distinguished by their passion — the type that have the players. Criminologist refers to his conversations with the defendant and evidence that Levin and his team mostly dominant factor in afery was not the result but a process.
Everyone knew the consequences, but the fact of fraud brought people the greatest pleasure.
The trial lasted a native of Belarus a couple of years. Buffalo investigators cooperated with the FBI, the Department of Labor, Health and insurance services.
Lawyer Levin said that Levin revised his life after his arrest. Maybe it would have affected the decision of the arbitrators, who first want to give the accused 5 years jail. Lawyer Matthew Koleker, who married the sister Natasha Levin, said that Levin — minded people, and the family was an example of the successful American family.

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