In Vitebsk, in the underpass bred carp

Fishing — the underpass
Entrances to the transition overgrown bushes and airom smell of stagnant water still felt from afar. Depth along the ground — about 2 meters, and where smaller, perfectly visible flocks fry that dart between abandoned plastic bottles, wrappers and other debris. Fish grown in this mud, no risks. And no one can explain how she was able to get a divorce here in general.
Fish in this "natural oasis" no risk
Violated and would violate
Crossroads of incompetent underground passage happened "fish place" for Vitebsk employees GAI. Within a day or there can be fined more than one hundred people, because pedestrians cross Prospect Builders directly on the roadway. Go to the coming transition to terrestrial One way about 50 meters, in the second — about 200. Bythis people risk their lives for themselves and reduce the road just where along the ground path laid underground.
Shift risk to life
For many extreme crossing Avenue became so common that they do not hesitate to either the camera or even more so recorder.
Lady: "A lot of accidents happen. But people still go. They do not go far on the transition, it’s embarrassing. And the police here often on duty. When their car is worth, we do not go there."
Young Man: "Frankly, it is always there and all violate! Vaughn, see how things are. Me and fined here. So what, nothing terrible. All the same violate people! "
Grandpa: "I did pass by the rules. But now here I go with the dispensation, and where do I go here? Daylight built and later abandoned. There was water, and now, for sure, water. He never worked."
Lady: "He dug as, since that time and did not work. His closed immediately, and construction on this end. Nobody reason not finished! Build something here and there, but why is not done properly? Here almost Works great center of town. And people here comfortably cross the road! "
Underpass along the ground
Who will do the reconstruction?
It was assumed that the transition will be first to use television factory workers "Hero". The company once ordered him and two of six areas of transition are just to the entrance. But already in 1996 flooded the town was handed over to the transition because "Hero" abandoned large-scale construction. To bring about the» object in order, in the city budget funds was not found until now.
According to Head of Construction and Public Utilities Vitebsk City Council Peter Krupsky, the question of the underpass often erected. In particular, at the meetings of the Commission on Road Safety. Therefore decided to fix the transition, but not at the moment and do not understand when. In fact, as stated Sovereign Krupski, 20 years have changed the technology of construction, and must be the latest project documentation. But the institute "Vitsebskgramadyanpraekt" is currently busy with other things.

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