In Warsaw — picket near the Belarusian Embassy

About 4 10’s first Belarusian students who study in the Polish capital on programmke Kalinouski came to the embassy with white-red-white flags, portraits of disappeared political prisoners, placards reading "Freedom to political prisoners", "dictator in The Hague."
"I demand the release of political prisoners and clarify the fate of missing persons. So this and did not. Maybe they live?" — Say Party picket Sergei Girkin.
Belarusians supported Poles:
"We were assisted in communist times by other nations. And now, when such a situation Belarusians, we should also help them. To those who are fighting, know that they are not alone "- says Tomasz Bladynets.
Member shares gepening also arranged, during which several people with dark ribbons on sight Tipo looked Belarusian television that instead of their true disk imaging intoxicated "opium of the people."
At the end of the picket present lit candles and left them near the embassy building.

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