Indonesian Su-30MK2 HOLD TRAINING dogfights with Australian F/A-18

Indonesian Su-30MK2 HOLD TRAINING dogfights with Australian F/A-18
Indonesia will send its own front fighters «Sukhoi» for roles in big air exercises in Australia later this month, says that the recent era of expanding military cooperation.

Indonesian Air Force was never given to the armed forces of Australia access to the Russian aircraft production to compete with the United States fighters fourth generation.

But four Su-30 will be delivered to the North area for a role in the exercise Pitch Black 2012, during which will be held mock fights with Australian F/A-18 fighter aircraft in the airspace of Indonesia and Australia.

The exercise, which will be held from July 27 to August 17, will still be part of the U.S. Air Force fighter airbase Darwin and Tindal.

Battle analyst John Farrell (John Farrell) said that the decision to send fighter «Sukhoi» Australia will raise military cooperation between Australian and Indonesian military on an unprecedented level.

«Before that, Indonesia has never been willing to send the head of air defense assets in another country,» said Mr. Farrell edition of Australian & NZ Defender Magazine.

«The fact that they send them to Australia indicates that Canberra and Jakarta looked and beheld even more threats around them,» he said, referring to China and India.

«The Su-30 is considered a hidden asset of Air Defense Indonesia … it shows tremendous confidence in Australia after 10 years of deep-frozen relations between with 2 armed forces because of the events in East Timor.»

Indonesian Air Force has 10 Su-27 and 4 Su-30MK2, and not so long ago announced a brand new order of 6 Su-30MK2.

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