Inhabitants of 3 houses Minsk vote shall be removed

Confrontation nursing home number 14, 16 and 18 on the street Belsky with local authorities has been going on for a long time. And a refusal to vote was the last chance for a solution prepyadstviya, says one of the applicants Dmitry Usov:

"I live at Belsky, 14. This is such a big house. Among the houses we have an entry arch. And through this arch allowed highway. Gazuyut cars, children have nowhere to play. We have appealed to the administration of the town, the presidential administration, the president, the prosecutor’s office — no result. Because our three houses, we wrote the target of the OSCE, the CEC, as the presidential administration, that we do not go to the polls. "
Either enter the Central Election Commission of such statements as voters and how they react to the Central Election Commission, CEC Secretary interested in Nikolai Lozovik:

"During the election, the CEC receives a lot of complaints that are not directly related to the election campaign. Prepyadstviya This social and public character. Naturally, the CEC does not deal with such complaints and forwards them to those who have to decide and these questions . "
Managing urban management of the Frunze district Vladimir reached said highway outside Belsky laid in accordance with the project:
"There will be a meeting on this issue at the head of the administration. Is there questions regarding my part of the work has related to the construction department and other services district."
To refuse to participate in elections, as an extreme measure of protest and the impact on local officials rely not only the citizens of Minsk. That’s what told RFE our listener Antonina M. from the village Kibuti Volozhin district:
"We have flowing water, a pipe burst in the six months already. I went to the chairman of the village council, saying:" Do not make it — do not go to the polls. "He looked at me with such malice and says:" Do not go, no you do not ask. " And I told him: "Of course, draw that for you from above ordered." He says to me: "So I need to work to earn wages and kids to feed." That’s what progress and transparency of the elections! "
Human rights activist and lawyer Sergei Alfer states that, in contrast to the Russian regime, segodnyaschy power in Belarus on waivers to participate in elections is not responding:

"At the time, Russian refused to vote because they did not get the apartment. The next day they came to me and uttered, so went and got this apartment. Currently problems are not so small that it will not pay substantial attention.
A disastrous result turnout — he is very much regulated. Write that up, which was scheduled zaranne, no matter went these people vote or not go. "

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