International Dog Show in Polotsk

Among these works — gabeleny, batik painting on silk made in the last 5 years. According to professionals, it gives you the opportunity to trace the artistic trends that currently reigns in Belarus and Lithuania.
At the opening ceremony attended by a large group of Belarusian artists and their colleagues from the Lithuanian Kaunas. Was present in the midst of the guild and the chairman of Lithuanian textile artists Yalanta Shmidtsene. In his speech, she expressed her admiration of Polotsk art gallery and a restored building of the Jesuit Academy, where gallery is located.
After the festive opening of Lithuanian painters gave a master class painting on silk: at the sight of the audience in a matter of a Minute canvas born true works of art.
Opening of the exhibition
Gabeleny Belarusian painters
Yalanta Shmidtsene artist gives a master class painting on silk

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