Ira Commandant Management WAC and the judges are appointed by one person

Recently the Minsk city Tribunal decided to dismiss the complaint and Ira Commandant not start proceedings against the Higher Attestation Commission. Ira commandant tried to challenge the removal of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), her master’s thesis, which is protected in the academic council of the Belarusian State University and dedicated to Belarusian postwar history.
"The system is less likely to fight with myself …"
Bushlyakov: "Ira, you either had hoped for another solution to the court?"
Commandant "Fact, that awareness of the situation in Belarus, where it is represented as a pyramid, the realization that management WAC and the judges are appointed by one and the same person, and thus the realization that the system is less likely to fight with myself and show its essence — it all led to the fact that I really belonged to the situation and knew that the decision is likely to be such as was made — confirm the refusal to initiate proceedings against the WAC. "
Bushlyakov: "But you want to go through all the possible instances?"
Commandant: "This for me was the performance of duty as the first in front of him — all likely to use legitimate means to settle the truth to people and maybe, though performed by at least one percent of hope that maybe all is not lost in this country, and the system may fail in some places. But, unfortunately, the situation showed that the system we already pretty well organized, and that the mechanism nezatsverzhannya "ideologically incorrect" excellent dissertations delivered in a rut. "
Bushlyakov: "The topic of your dissertation — the everyday life of the Belarusian society in 1944-1953 gg. WAC Why did not approve the dissertation, which exhibited a claim if its unanimous support to the Academic Council of BSU where you defend her?"
"My findings were not quite in line with what is usually covered in the textbook"
Commandant: "The fact that my general dysertatsyynae study is the first to study the history of everyday life of the Belarusian society and indicates an unusual look at the history of this period on the basis of belief malehankih person.
For malehankih person first glance it was through the prism of their own problems, and these difficulties demonstrate that the government is not always followed the path of satisfaction of human needs, first — in the implementation of planned features. Because in his own thesis, I wanted to show the slice of everyday life, practically, to make the memory of one who will read it and learn what could be a vision of the reality ordinary man.
And I showed her through the consideration of ordinary groups — farmers, workers and intellectuals. Also demonstrated the problem points postwar ordinariness — a restoration economy, the emergence of new groups — the so-called "front", "Westerners", "traitors", faced power and somehow adapt them very often forced method.
I also took a matrix population of active adaptation to active resistance against the authorities. Particularly important was the nuance associated with resistance because it is a period of adaptation of Western Belarus to stay in the USSR, and examines the economic shtdennasts, which included ensuring prepyadstviya family» and housing issues, family planning problems’ ‘and.
And, as a result, my conclusions were not quite in line with what is usually covered in the textbook. They showed that adaptation was the population of Western Belarus difficult that even the local authorities were required to independently make decisions about how to proceed with orders from above that for the survival of the population used as legitimate as illegal ways, etc. As a result, May dissertation was focused on the so-referred to as "black review", which was a opus in terms of "best" Russian traditions … "
Bushlyakov: "Indeed, in the practice of post-Soviet Russian and evaluation committees have such a rule, that the dissertation, which is placed under the approval of hesitation sent so referred to as" black referees. "What are your conclusions aroused more anger of the reviewers?"
"I was accused of missing light heroic struggle for the restoration of the Belarusian people management"
Commandant "Could to quote a piece that sums up the memories of the reviewers of my thesis. "The material that is concentrated in the thesis should lead the reader to the conclusion that the Russian government was not home mom, and an evil heartless stepmother for the Belarusian people that the functioning of the State contrary monster natural human nature."
Also, I was accused of missing lighting mainstream of daily life — the heroic struggle of the Belarusian people for the restoration economy. I was accused of "massive underestimation of the potential atheistic Russian secondary school", etc.
I knew that there would be problems in the WAC, I relied on the documents of the Central Committee of the PBC in time top secret that as no other had to testify that truth postwar reality that they could not come up with specially — difficulties which they must decide what they were excited. This is connected with the anti-Soviet resistance, and with the mood of the population, and very many qualities.
It’s not a very pleasant sight for the current government, which is profitable for select only idealistic moments Russian past to make legends, which, as they believe they are on the» patriotic united Belarusian people. "
"The amount of material that has accumulated in me, just ask for submission to the Tribunal of the public"
Bushlyakov: "Are you going to try to protect their work outside of Belarus, are not going to publish a monograph, which said if for itself?"
Commandant: "I have it in the plans — of course, this is not the closest option, as there is a definite contrast to our training and general level and what is required abroad, for example — on the volume of» . Though I had a huge amount of material, but the limit of 100 pages of it, if defend abroad, must be overcome and the material must be expanded, which is fine, since so many moments failed to illuminate.
And according to a monograph requests processing material and lighting for the reader a huge number of features that are not found a reflection in the thesis. But all the same, the very preparation of this process is not as usual, it will take time.
I hope that someday I will commit it — maybe it will take a few years, but I throw it’s not going to, because this amount of material that has accumulated in me, just ask for submission to the Tribunal of the public to assess the period slightly different perspective not such a one-sided, as we served in the textbooks. "

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