Ira Kozulin fights cancer and helps others

Statistics show that cases of breast cancer in Belarus annually grows about three thousand women. This sad figure said Ira Kozulin, wife of the well-known opposition leader, former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.
But not for political reasons Ira joined a public campaign to support cancer patients ladies. Here’s a couple of years this problem As for her personally. Ira knows about chemotherapy may be associated methods of treatment of cancer in different countries.
She notes that more fundamental psychological assistance unhealthy ladies:
"This government does not. It is only concerned with healing. Once a lady with such a diagnosis are discharged from the clinic, she is left alone with his neuvvyazkami, concerns, relationships in the family, at work. At such time it is very hard, because it is necessary to make some new businesses. As with themselves and with all around him. "
Ira Kozulin recalls that initially struggled with the disease itself, and later began to find people with a similar fate. She joined the international organization "Rays of Hope".
Last weekend, Ira Kozulin participated in an international conference held in Minsk, and funded by sponsors from a South American town Seattle. Ladies who arrived in Minsk from almost 10 countries in the world, shared their experiences in the organization of moral support unhealthy.
Ira jokes its local experience even in this case has a political coloring:
"For the day before the conference call us — I will not read, where — and they say that deny us in the hall. Can you imagine? But fine, that all ventured. Conference in the midst of other, salting visited USA in Belarus Ms. Karen Stewart.
That we had this conference — very critical, as the problem we ladies unhealthy mental health care should not be silenced. As in other countries, we should also inform about all ladies to keep them healthy. "
On the morning of March 25, 2006, when arrested Alexander Kozulin, Il visited the clinic in Borovlyany where was examined on a tomograph. Without waiting for the results, the lady left the clinic, so that together with her husband to go to the meeting devoted to the Will of days.
A few hours later Alexander Kozulin was arrested on Ira spouse will no longer beheld.
Since that time, she stands in pickets in his support, writing letters to politicians, talking to reporters. What gives strength and fight the disease, and to engage in political struggle, and plead for patients unfamiliar ladies?
"This I have such an inner cry. I have extensive experience in the fight, and I hunt is to pass people as they need it too, I am convinced. And in-2-I do it and myself.
And do I help my social activity in the fight against disease? The answer will be later. Maybe someday regret this, and maybe say out loud that I’m good, because to do so. But time will tell. While my strength is that I act because I consider it necessary at this point. "
Kozulin Ira was born October 19, 1959. She graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the Belarusian State University, where she met her future husband, Alexander Kozulin. She worked as a programmer in the research and production association "Planar", later — the National Center BSU human problems. Currently engaged in public activities. Ira Alexander Kozulin and two kids — daughter Olga and Julia, also a grandson of Vlad.
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