Italian priest on trial for concealing Vicky Frost

According to the prosecutor’s office materials, priests and Grillo Darbele shared with family Giusto-Bornachin accused role in last year’s 20-day secretly Content Belarusian orphans in the Alps. Neither the parish of Cogoleto Danilo Grillo nor abbot St. Ian in the Alpine region of Valais dAosta Francis Darbele not feel guilty.
A priest from Cogoleto Don Danilo Grillo convinced as ever: "It is an offense not disguise the girls, and she was forcibly razluchenne family. Specifically for that someone one day will be held responsible. "
A year earlier, Italy open a discussion when all act spouses Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin Danilo Grillo without hesitation took the side of the family Cogoleto. Then he publicly stated that even break the law for the sake of a higher justice. September 7, when Minsk aggressively sought to return Belarusian girlfriend back home, the priest of Cogoleto took Vika Moroz also Bord Mary (mother Alessandro) and Ellen Tribute (mother Maria Chiara) to father Francis Darbele in the monastery guest house in Vale dAaosta that on the border with Switzerland.
By Francis Darbele when he took the decision to shelter for Belarusian girls, he knew about the likely verbovanii to justice. "I did not appear any hesitation, since I was familiar with the history of the fatherless," the priest said.
After 20 days, 26 September 2006, due to an unknown informant, Carabinieri found a monastery in Vika Moroz don Darbele. How convinced father Danilo Grillo, those who did, "Broke devchenke life and it is always on their conscience"
Verbovanie Don Grillo and do Darbele to justice caused outrageous first reviewed in the Catholic world.
"God will judge them, this is a nightmare and it looks like the fight against the church — says Vatican priest. — In a democratic world church has always been a home to those who needed him, and between law and Gospel chose the gospel."
Meanwhile the Belarusian embassy in Italy, which has initiated this lawsuit, said:
"Belarusian embassy stalking process. If necessary, we are ready to cooperate."
In Italy, completed an investigation into the spouses Giusto-Bornachin, 17.09.2007 • Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?, 08.08.2007

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