Japan ordered the first batch of four F-35A Lightning II

Japan ordered the first batch of four F-35A Lightning II
Japan ordered the first batch of 4 Strike Fighter F-35 Joint Fighters Strike.VVS Land of the Rising Sun (JASDF) hopes to purchase a total stealth fighter difficulties 42 fifth generation to change their outdated park McDonnell Douglas F-4J.

«Lockheed Martin Company and the Government of the United States and Japan signed a contract for delivery of the first 4 of 42 fighters of the 5th generation F-35A Lightning II
According to the 1st of representatives Lockheed Martin:
On the basis of the tender Japan chose the F-35 to change the F-4J in December last year of the subsequent bidders Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the Eurofighter Typhoon. While analysts were that Japan will eventually choose between JSF and Hornet.Tayfun considered very black horse.

This deal more than just zamenina Phantom, FX competition as an opportunity to eventually change the Japanese fleet consisting of Boeing F-15 Eagles.

In recent months, the Land of the Rising Sun said he would leave the F-35 program from Lockheed, if America fails to deliver planes on time. This last step can be seen as a vote of confidence on the part of the Land of the Rising Sun.

«We are convinced that the F-35 would be great to stand on the protection of defense land of the rising sun, now and in the future.»
Company «Lockheed Martin » relies on long-term cooperation with Japan

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