Jaroslav Hryshchenya about his process: It’s fun and primitive

"What I I can tell about this trial? It’s funny, in fact. It is to such a primitive state that we can not imagine for yourself how can this be. Since, in the 1-x, collected such witnesses who time or were excluded from the "Young Front", or in general they were not there … Was that of a young man by the name of Ignatovich, who said that was "Yuen front" 2 weeks and knows everything there happened … That "Young Front"- Is political party, which is committed to trying to overthrow the present regime and come to power itself, which deals only antilukashenkovskoy activities … Were witnesses who could not even explain what the BPF Party or "BPF Youth", in other words, the abbreviation disassemble … Referee himself worth and wonder — what is it and slipped it to do about this … "
Tikhanovich: "What evidence of your guilt heard in court?"
Hryshchenya: "Confirmation of my guilt — pieces 40 stickers" For Freedom ", etc. A couple of stocks I recognized that did on behalf of the "Young Front". And what about the rest of what I initially was blamed, decided that all meetings "Junior Front"In the town were needed only for the urban sample registration offices."
Tikhanovich: "Before the tribunal was pressure on your SNM» w, threatened with dismissal father. What is the current situation in the family» and?"
Hryshchenya: "With parents met at the moment, more or less normally. They calmed down a little, because the pressure began, began to call on the company spetsam father about what happened, on what basis, but only slightly silenced probably scared because on this enterprise is the first case of such pressure.’s father works as a master in the factory system components and structures, the railroad department, makes the door. "
Tikhanovich: "And what do you own?"
Hryshchenya: "Waiting for the ability to go to college. On Actually, need to learn, and skills from time to time is just not enough. Tried to work. In some places, reversing two weeks I was fired from his job — I worked as a courier … "
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