Jubilee Adamovich official events not observed

Need to immediately recognize nowshnyaya official date, fixed in handbooks and encyclopedias. She was a writer and a passport, but Actually Ales Adamovich was born in another day and year, said daughter Natalia:
"He’s since 1926. We in the past year the family themselves have noted the 80th anniversary. And then another month — not September 3, and on August 3, the date of birth."
Confusion with the year, says Natalia made mom coming writer intentionally, that the minor is not dragged the Germans during the war for forced labor in Germany. And with a month — it is not clear why. Ms. Natalia remembers that home is always celebrated day of birth Ales Adamovich August 3:
"All my life we celebrated at home on August 3. A September 3 — this is the official celebration was. At 60 years old, I remember, went into the wilderness, then there celebrated extensively — in a club at school was prazdnichek, there are photos, films from there. "

"I was asked, so I hired local residents and painted the house to make a decent view of the outer"

The 80th Anniversary celebrations in any Wilderness will not, although the local authorities of the year promises to make a museum famous countryman writer. Comes, Ms. Natalia knows to anecdotes:
"Last year, when Dozhinki held in Bobruisk, the authorities afraid that their members will go through the wilderness. And I was asked me to sponsor local residents hired and painted the house to do, so to speak, External decent view. "
Currently painted house stands closed. Ms. Natalia approached Mogilev regional authorities to expedite the establishment of the Wilderness Museum Ales Adamovich.
"They never shall be removed: they say, that may in the future, they will lay the funds under this budget."
On Russian TV channel "Culture" will now be shown a new documentary film on the latest notebooks Ales Adamovich "Journey from Minsk to Moscow and back," which took off recognizable Belarus Galina Adamovich kinadakumentalistka. A Belarusian TV channel "Lad" announced at today Sergei Ageenko film "Opening", the latest book about Chernobyl Adamovich "name of the star is Wormwood …"
Literary prize named Ales Adamovich, which once a year in today Hands Belarusian PEN Centre in This year presented in January. Her winner was Paul Seviarynets for the book "Letters from the forest," which was then still only in "nashenivskoy" newspaper version, and its founder was serving a sentence for forced labor in the logging.
• Ales Adamovich "This timeshaft — a tremendous happiness … "08/02/2007

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