Karatkevich — the idol of the ’80s

First 80s in Belarus Karatkevich bug. His name has joined the patriots of old and voedinyzhdy and neophyte belarushchyny and people impartially people as well as the name now joins voedinyzhdy Bykov. Bykov then appreciated as the author alone, who wrote in a European way, the boundaries of our extensive flat provincially-Soviet life. It is now the Bulls became the flag of all Belarusians and password, and then the first 80s was so Karatkevich. His youth not only read, and sang his poems, called him naming their clubs, endlessly quoted in its own discussions and, of course, it has sought to get it — or crowded at its 50th Anniversary Hall of the House of Writers, or even just home . I know many cases where Karatkevich tried to go. Specifically tried, as all those cases usually ended bewilderment. As if we want to achieve an idol, and he ran all the forces from us, or even from the time in which we have done a lot of that new era, which to a large extent he and his works brought.
Then, in the early 80’s, when we could not properly evaluate humanly own idol, and we could not properly take stupid rumors about him, especially about his drinking, because what they say about not only idols, and if you’re a little dazzled by its works, then such low household items simply do not pay attention. And it is necessary that after the death of the hero took a good 20 years, that you realized and felt that it was absolutely no life, and a big disaster talent escape from himself, which Milan Kundera aptly referred to the unbearable lightness of being. Karatkevich drunkenness — the same order as the drunkenness Mozart — quite a bad habit or vice, but only the form chosen for care to nowhere.
To understand where does this zeal, must submit himself to the intellectual work of the poet or the composer did not take it easy physical work of the farmer or there zaboyshchyka. Only in 2-other is the limit of their physical strength and when it ends, they fall from exhaustion. Because physical work and standardized. In the first 2-forces also have a limit, but their work is not standardized. And when they fall from exhaustion, nobody notices. And even if they die, the people around them begin to find an explanation of care in drunkenness, in sickness and in the wrong lifestyle. Everything just surprised their language talent. Like suddenly learned that a farmer instead nabozhchyk-1st plowed field 100. Who would then blame the hero.
Yet, we are now open and stately this page biography of the writer.
Bartosik: "All respectable people in my age spilisya long, and I did not quit smoking a bit." This maxim Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov can be read as the slogan of the creative intelligentsia 70s. Spivalisya, indeed, many. And nayprystoyneyshyya. Not passed this bitter cup and Vladimir Karatkevich. His fellow writers in discussions with me trying not to hide this topic, and somehow get her gently, except for a moment touching her in a little anecdotal entourage. As if the topic can throw a shadow on the undesirable light image classic. ‘m Sure not. Do not give up. Because without the subject image Karatkevich incomplete and incorrect. And low I do not see anything. One tragic.
Valentin Kravets, schoolmate and writer’s oldest friend, the topic says openly, not avoiding any details. States with the pain still alive. After he lost a friend not in 1984. And even earlier. And the gap between old friends once formed drunkenness Vladimir Korotkevich.
In the autobiographical essay "The road that was" Vladimir Korotkevich subsequent reports:
"I wrote nine years — the mountains. Even white-verse tragedy, scary tr-ragichnuyu. Printed but not thought. At the end of my first year teacher’s work left, but sudden. Minsk friend asked me to send him the poem, read. I sent, as has happened before. He carried them in the magazine "Flame". And suddenly in the summer of 1955 I received a number of the magazine with his poem "Masheka." This break the my fate. "
And at the moment the word "Minsk friend" who broke the unknown fate of anyone while teachers out of Kiev.
Kravets: "It took me. I took in" Lim ", as I remember. Book this. And the first verse, which directed attention," Hare brew beer. "And jumped from the head of the writers who … Vyalyugin! Vyalyugin played a role. And if the wolf was in Minsk, the company picked him up. Was such Belevich Anton. He is a man without education, but God’s gift to him was poetic. Ordinary things wrote. grupavalasya And near a small pile. way from time to Makayonok time stints, Bryl did not go there. This was above caste and non-drinker. And there were going drinking. A wolf, until he came to Moscow, in a writing course, he could drink, but did not drink. It all started with the highest literary courses. I came back home in Greenish to Moscow. It was a bohemian. If now I got a fee, should members of his drink away. Tomorrow you received a fee … And so it lasted and was conducted in Minsk. pjanki proceeded in Belevich. was the usual turkey , whose wife was cooking. gathered, read each other what they have written. In most cases they each other praised. At the same time, not always patraplyayuchy. Later came in drunk and smoke Astrejka read things that even we can not say. Matrix peremat, what the hell happened there. It was a bohemian. He later withdrew from this company. And later appeared Baradulin Grisha. "
Bartosik: "The theme that asks special study — the poet and his lady."
Kravets: "Ruan Akhmatova. Whether this writer of Dagestan. Somewhere on the other side. Long He kept in touch with her, but did not marry her. And when he got to the higher literature courses, he fell in love very seriously Moleva. This "impossible to forget." He was dressed not in the fashion and odezhku least watched. Pants were neglazhennymi forever. stroked his pants mother, and from time to time they just lay under the mattress. should be said that he has never been a dandy. A here came from Moscow, where he fell in love with Moleva. appeared in fashionable plaid coat and beretse. Anyway, Vovk was not seen. Moleva But was married there, I know there was no reciprocity. I once beheld in tele year . Already very old lady. Fact, that they are in contact, as a teacher and student. She taught art in his scenario at higher rates. He became interested in the Nerl, these churches. His earlier drawn to it. And here in particular was cut such a taste for it. Moleva had a big impact. Moleva was older than he was. And, in fact saying that the wolf for her — some Belarusian writer, unknown even to all such deficiencies. Because I think there could not anything that is called to be. "
Bartosik: "Let’s look at the lives of Karatkevich compiled by researcher Anatoly Sparrow. Look at his last years. Thus, we turn our attention not on the published book. Painting comes subsequent.
1975. Treated in a sanatorium named after the 40th anniversary of October in Yalta. 1977 we — was treated in the Republican clinic 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. 1978 we, January — was in office Republican nevralyagichnym clinic 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. Diagnosis: paroxysms, loss of consciousness, ie temporary impairment of cerebral circulation. 1978 we, April-May — lying in 9th clinic in Minsk in gepatalyagichnym office. Diagnosis: Acquired cholecystitis, beskamenny acquired hepatitis. May of the same year — "I went to Planerskoe, tried on an old habit to ascend the Karadag, but fell, astupivshysya … knocked down." "Is hospitalized in the 6th clinic in Simferopol travmatalyagichnym office. Diagnosis: closed craniocerebral trauma and Subarohnoidalnoe kravazlitstse." August of the same year. Was hospitalized in the surgical department of the Republican clinic 4th head of the Ministry of Health of the BSSR. Diagnosis: exacerbation of hepatitis and cholecystitis
acquired. 1979 minutes — was treated in the sanatorium "Belarus" in Druskininkai. On January 1980 — was in office Republican nevralyagichnym clinic 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. Diagnosis: cerebral artery sclerosis tserabralnymi paroxysms. March — was in the hospital-clinical department sanatorium "Aksakovschina." July — was treated in the sanatorium "Belarus" in Druskininkai. "
Kravets: "He drank frequently. Ditched his Moscow. This Moscow, this life. I came to see him on Khoruzhey, open the door. Mother." Roller come! "He takes off. Justification is. Runs, close shop, brings two bottles of vodka. Sit down. One bottle it immediately — for the books. Drinks 150-200 g. "Sorry." And went to bed. All. Roller as fool, sits. Once. Two. Three. 5. 10. And I finished walk.
I worked at the Polytechnic Institute. We were attracted to each other. And here I have some classes. Wolf calls. "Val, I took a table in the" Belarus. "I sit alone. Here is all brought." I say, "I’m busy." "Zamyanisya. Zamyanisya all." Had to be replaced and that’s how always. I would at some point become as drunk. As the wolf.
Close to it all was Grisha. Maldis also upholstered and drank too, by the way, like a wolf. Rovnenko. But he was smarter Maldis. Drinking, but knew when to stop. Borodulin if not put on the brakes, he would vtochnosti same end. Grisha rubanuv sharply. Midst of abstainers who came there, I only knew the 1st. Bryl. All other drink. "
Bartosik: "And now let’s continue the sad series of dates.
1983 ti, March — is in the house of rest "Pines" on Narach. June — Went to Orsha. Lived in the family» and niece at home parents. 1984 you, February 25 hospitalized in intensive care clinics Republican 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. Diagnosis: liver cirrhosis, hepatic coma. March 29 — transferred from intensive care to a general ward. April 3 — was discharged from the clinic. Was treated at the clinic Republican 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. July 12. Together with a photojournalist and artist V.Zhdanovicham P.Drachovym on a journey on a raft along the Pripyat. There he became ill, July 20, returned to Minsk. Proposed clinic, from which flatly refused. July 23 afternoon kryvatsyachenne developed stomach. For emergency medical assistance in the languid state admitted to the surgical department of the Republican clinic 4th Head Control BSSR Ministry of Health. July 25 — Belarus, all multinational Russian literature suffered a great loss. At the 54th year of life after the heavy and prolonged illness died outstanding Belarusian poet, novelist, playwright and essayist, member of the Union of Writers of Belarus Vladimir Semenovich Karatkevich. "
Kravets: "I’m going to Moscow, I stand at the checkout to Karl Marx. And he goes on top of your own home. From theater. Morning. I stand at these offices, I need a plane ticket. I see the wolf comes around the bend. Beret folder between your legs. lights a. And he just smoked "White Sea." He lights, comes to meet me. "Roller, go at this point in" Potsdam ". And while nine in the morning. "Yaki" Potsdam "I’m flying at the moment in Moscow." "Come on that’s all!" … Sorry for him. How it nor tried … drunkard suspend unreal. "
Bartosik: "What Vladimir Karatkevich pushed to early death? Or only all-powerful disease? Since he drank, note, not in order to" continue to entertain, "aktivnichat, turn booze into the mad performance. He drank to go off. Perceived highest dose. NOT glass and full-ounce glass. Is this not written them Vysotsky hot lover?
"And we have not mowed While shooting, But we lived not daring to lift our eyes, we also kids terrible years of, timelessness infused vodka in us."
Kravets: "When I looked at him from afar, when he acted on his own half of the 50th … yellowish face intoxicated, bulging eyes, I do not Vovku vyznat. A year before his death, his lost Valya. Died from cancer. And you have the same I was sitting at someone at a party. think: "Oh, not long ago called Vovku." dialed the phone. Alien voice. "I Volodya." "He can not. He died Valya. "Here we arrived there. Spouse There Bykov, a few people. Wolf intoxicated in tears. Hugged me." Woe! "" Well, — I say. You knew that she would die. It’s cancer. And that’s how it all slipped quietly. Talent, who mislaid vodka. Could still write. And at the moment to write. I remember his ideas. He was young. Says: "My dream. I wish to write seven novels in the history of Belarus." And he wrote almost NOT seven and one. "Spikes under your sickle." And he would have written if he had not stopped this damned vodka. A pause it, no one could. Neither mother nor I, nor close friends. "
Bartosik: "A year before his death Karatkevich rushed home to the parental home. Hoping native wall posodeystvuyut ozdorovet? But do not work out."
Kravets: "he is very fond of Orsha. Tu Orsha, when he lived there. When were private houses on the banks of the Dnieper. If it was a pre-revolutionary school, when there was a bright prerevolutionary brewery, these ancient buildings, the Dnieper … This is not the Orsha, which Currently active ".
Dubovets: But I do not believe that Karatkevich wish to recover. As I do not believe, he wished recover from alcoholism although Mozart or Yanka Kupala. You never tell me that something is missing in their work. A ninth volume to vosmitomnika. I do not believe that Karatkevich not written everything I could. Possibly could and more, but not so that we read it in one breath, and so for several generations of their own citizens to become the undisputed educator emotions. After all, if a linarku paint their latest effort, then you start to finally live only for themselves the most. For other live recklessly. It is not a rule for everyone, but for those who almost burned the sake of others, quite zapamyatyvaya yourself this rule. In my opinion, the contribution Karatkevich — big passionarity it would be enough for a hundred ordinary writers. However, if it were not such a catchy star. And the stars have a feature burn, apply candles all around and then prescribe the most cherished desires.
Bane Karatkevich remembered here as such an explosion of light, from which the tears in their eyes, and everyone for whom Karatkevich was an idol, felt the bitterness of the loss is not so much because it would be just a disproportionate household and sprychynenasts to endless space and the unbearable lightness of being .
Friends Vladimir Karatkevich beheld what was happening to him, someone foaming, someone tried something in this whole turn, but most prazarlivyya understand that this is absolutely not the case when you need to call the psychiatrist because assist in this situation meant except that stand beside Syzyfam to share with him roll his stone. And since this is impossible, had to give tribute to the man who shook his talent duckweed totalitarian swamp asleep and woke up feeling a few generations citizens. In 1980, the 50th anniversary of the publishing house Karatkevich "Fiction" published his two-volume book. Entry to the publication writes Vasil Bykov. Rereading now his wordsand a completely still young, for a novelist, a man surprised that writes the Bulls as if the creator of that has already taken place, which has already entered into the treasury of the Belarusian literature and permanently sealed it with wax. On the one hand, I understand that the Bulls with all the then tsenzurshchyne had to write about Karatkevich truth. On the other, does not rest, it’s the words of a senior junior who has yet to turn 50. Here are the words:
"Many did Vladimir Korotkevich a quarter-century literary work, and at the moment he is in full bloom creative abilities
. — Bulls advances nothing here, he understands that it is the full decline. Here triggered unless another rule — a dead man, although Korotkevich live another four years — but not bad. As confirmed by the subsequent words. nekralozhnym quite so in style. quote. — The best of his works certainly will forever stay in the treasury of the native literature, because its themes can probably write worse and could be better, but write because did he fails to anybody. Painters with true distinctive talent, with typical vision of the world are rare. "

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