Kleck: picket in support of Alexander Kozulin prohibited

As said public activist Sergey Ponomarev, head of the local vertical refers to the place chosen for the picket opposite of so-called "The white house" in which are offices of local officials.
"Chairman Boyko proves that picket Tipo will interfere with his subordinates, — says Sergey Ponomarev — but we just were intended to arouse the enthusiasm of officials to the fate of Alexander Kozulin and harassment by the authorities of opposition activists. "
Radio Liberty reported that against Sergey Ponomarev currently prosecuted. He is editor of the independent newsletter "Courageous Kleck" accused of defaming the head of dumpling Natalia Semoshkevich legal advice.
In Last year Sergey Ponomarev wrote that Natalia Semashkevich helped him to lease production facilities in the town. Ms. Semashkevich considered this false information that are innuendo. After her statement was a criminal case, but examination established that no innuendo is not here.
And here’s the deal suddenly restored. Senior investigator Kletsk district police department confirmed Vladimir Beganski "Freedom" that criminal case Sergey Ponomarev against defamation to the chief legal counsel dumpling Natalia Semashkevich returned for consideration.
"Courageous Kleck": the police are struggling with the non-state media 9.07.2007

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