Klimovichi entrepreneurs complain about the extortion

My interlocutors until asked to call them names. So makarom, chat with meeting participants Vladimir, Yuri and Gennady. They are from 25 to 35 years.
"We gathered, uttered that in Bobruisk a million forked Lyceum — says Gennady. — Popkov cited the example pronounced him Kulakowski, head of the regional department of vocational education, that there are so many entrepreneurs have developed. We were offered 50 thousand to buy paint …"
"People have purchased the paint, but they had to give, give uttered means, because the paint, they say, can be stolen — adds Vladimir. — We refused to give money, and some people gave 50 thousand …"
"And I just do not rent out, as I have a contract to extend the lease is not signed", — says Yuri.
Already from Minsk zvyazvayusya with the director — sovereign Popkov. Here is his explanation of the situation:
"Management said not to sign a contract with anyone until they have paid the 50 thousand."
Ask to be limited only thing these sums?
"This conversation was, but still means no one is taken. Tatiana contacted our management in Mogilev, it is more directly explain …"
It’s about the head bookkeeper Institute Ms. Ulyanov. But after talking with her it became clear that the money that traders offered to pay instead of paint bugaltarka knows nothing.
"No, it can not be the first time I hear — it extortion!" — Appalled it.
Interlocutor agrees that such payments can not be attributed to any utility or rental charges to the premises. Assistance as may be just and charitable manner tribute bunker. Immediately followed it expressed as follows:
"You see, entrepreneurs are able to help — it’s not a face …"
But entrepreneurs assess the situation differently:
"It goes to mass extortion, — said Gennady. — Because chances to survive in business is becoming less and less …"
Now lease agreements with business and have not been concluded.

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