Kozenki: All local difficulties at the moment you can throw on the Russian Far

Kozenki — the largest village Mozyr district. In general, the settlement is not much resembles the village. It is practically a suburb of Mozyr. On arrival at the traveler Kozenki meet five-storied houses, painted in all colors of the rainbow, cropped lawns to the concrete tile sidewalks. All attributes of mandatory agro
District authorities loves to carry Kozenki delegations from the fraternal republics. My tour guide was made by Kozenki local school teacher Alexander Kovalchuk.
Ales: "We have a route for the delegations. Uyazhzhayuts in Kozenki. Moving toward Environmental Center, which is located between the village council and the House of Culture. Looked. Very well, comfortable. After going to the restaurant. And on this excursion ends. Kozenki Next — where potholes, where the river razlivnyya — nobody nobody points. "
In our eyes Kozenki I saw looked, sure Nyamiha river. Here among circular street with a broken pipe runs a small rivulet. But the main problem is not Kozenkavskay outskirts water. Ales word.
Ales "Kozenki divided into two parts. There are part high-rise building and is part of personal development., In 2004 gazyfikatsyyu. Connected to gas, all the high-rise buildings, and private sector have forgotten. Later executive committee invited people to a meeting. Cooperative and decided to do, so through that cooperative conduct gas to their homes. "
As a result, cardboard art — have, orders and directives of the authorities at all levels — the problem for the inhabitants of the gas for these years only worsened.
Ales’ cooperative initiative of the Executive Committee was created in November 2004. Promised us during the year that the gas will be in homes. Price pipe which should prakladatstsa the street, paid from the budget, and carts to homes already takes cooperative. A on this day, we are forced to pay 70 percent of the pipe and the street. "
Reporter: "This is — for each? .. "
Ales: "Approximately 6 million."
Reporter: "And you did not appeal to our senior deputies of the Chamber?"
Ales: "In our district deputy is Kostya."
Reporter: "Famous people".
Ales: "Famous people. When we contacted him in December with this question, he answered honestly: a look at the political situation in our country, thanks to the Russian Federation. Russian Federation has put us stick in the wheel. Because no funds from the local authorities, so gazyfikavats Kozenki village. "
Reporter: "Our homeland gave magic wand to all of them."
Ales: "Yes. All local tasks you can throw on the far Russia. She is guilty, that we have in place nothing is done."
The authorities have to be very grateful management of. Not only for the fact that in case all the responsibility you can hang on the Kremlin (and the reasons seem to be more or more). But first, for people believe in this fairy tale. That’s what I told Sophia Suzko, former editorial kavalerka milkmaid and the Order of Lenin.
Reporter: "As for you live without gas? Tired or not it expect? "
Sophia: "Tired, of course. But something was not higher authorities agree. Alexander ours, he is fighting for it."
Reporter: "And who povinet in all this?"
Sophia: "Whoever does not give us the gas. If he was here, in Belarus — be brought immediately. And if you want to beg far … They bought these prices. Our people do not agree."
Culture Kozenak constantly shows folk music "Radunitsa." Managing Ensemble Nikolai Turovets can not to forget a recent trip to Siberia, in the city of Tomsk, where his team got there the invitation of the Belarusian diaspora to celebrate the Days of Belarusian culture.
Nicholas: "Belarusians very noticeably in Siberia. Has a tremendous impact on the culture and life of the people that live there. They settled there before the revolution."
Reporter: "They are descendants of those who are still under Stolypin there left?"
Nicholas: "Yes. And thrifty and industrious. Activities too. One example: in the time of Stolypin went there Belarusian become comfortably rich. In Stalin’s time, it dispossessed. Took everything which can be pick. A year later he rose again. Came and took everything. A year later, he again increased. It was a striking example to people that lived there. And what happened is prazdnichek — also an initiative of the Belarusians. "
Reporter: "Belarusians outside homeland become bolshennymi patriotic than inside the country. Torn from their roots, they quickly reach for their own. "
Nicholas: "It’s true. People love their homeland, respect. And that curious people there speak whiteRussian language and value it more than here Belarusians. That’s too impressed. "
Alexander Kovalchuk, by the way, not counting their own 3 brings three other foster kids. He was a Protestant. Ales took such example with your own spiritual master, Sergei Suzko. We went to visit the pastor. Highest, lean man with a noble face peacefully met us in his own bolshennom house where nearly all manufactured arms holder — from beautiful shifanerov to paintings on the wall.
Sergei: "I am very very stuttered. Since childhood was scared. And I was a nickname -" moo-moo. "Maid not adored. Was one consolation — vodka. Vodka forget that you are alone, that you do not love."
Native ancestors passed Sergei orphanage. How did he get away not just in their Kozenki.
Sergei: "I went home 35 km. Came here in the village Kozenki and they drove me there again. Such affairs. I never thought that I would be the favorite pastor. Believing and speaking village Kozenki that there is a lifeguard. I not distinguish between a no religions that curious. "
With nostalgic sovereign Sergei early 90-ies, when Belarus has not been major and minor religions.
Sergei: "We then had the school open. Director called. Calling were sitting there. Questions were, I replied. Some in Kozenki I knew who I was and who became. They began to say, yes, indeed, he could not say a word" .
Reporter: "And now more difficult, apparently, was the …"
Sergei: "At this point in general schools, clubs — all closed. We can only preach in the crematorium. Such law around us. If my field of activity Mozyr, and I will preach here and there in the village, I can give a day. And on May 20 the day. "
One of their own spiritual commitment Sergey considers education kids seized from the orphanage. The family Suzko two native kids and five reception rooms.
Sergei: "If could, with the monetary side, I would have taken all. I speak in the church, the believers took away the kids. "
Reporter: "For you, the government is helping something real?"
Sergei: "The Government? On 1st baby — 100 thousand per month. Think for yourself."
Sergei wife, Zoe, sees in the education of foster kids the highest manifestation of creativity. Shelter as a family kids more problematic.
Zoe: "Talking about creativity, I wish to set an example for our younger girls. She was hepatitis C, nyazgortvalnasts blood — did not want to take on the operation. And she is blind, moreover, was — in one eye. Nor even want this engaged. And in addition, she put the CRA. As I brought her to school, the teacher took his head. Eventually she now second class graduated with an average score "7". Chief Doctor, which protects it reads: "If I said, who — would not believe. So as not beheld that came with the child. "
There is such an ordinary Belarusian myth: how the government is there to protect the demographic situation as large families are provided with housing … And so on. My subsequent hero — not opposition, not Protestant, and not even a private trader. Misha Minyuk — locksmith in municipal enterprise, which, according to legend, the governme
nt should do its utmost to save and maintain. Listen to our conversation.
Reporter: "How much you have kids?"
Michal: "Eight."
Reporter: "And where do you live?"
Michal: "Teschin house."
Reporter: "And do not you closely for eight babies?"
Michal: "So tight. Sleeping on the floor."
Reporter: "And they say that power?"
Michal: "What? Papahadiv. Eliminated bank. And then they say, at the bank:" For you home need 100 50 million loan. We can only give you for 100 million, while other funds should find themselves. And during construction to make the entire contribution. And where I’ll take the funds? "
Reporter: "If you have five kids government provides free housing. Turns out, is not it?"
Michal: "It turns out, not so."
Reporter: "You can write to? In imperative office tried to contact? "
Michal: "went to Minsk. In administration."
Reporter: "In the administration of the president?"
Michal: "Yes."
Reporter: "And that you uttered?"
Michal: "Well, that pronounced?" Move. Let them do the project for less. "
Reporter: "With this answer you back in Kozenki."
Michal: "Yes. Went to architecture. Ta that didand I project, said: "You Udeshavlyaytse it without vdeshavlyaytse — will still have a certain amount of their own pockets to make."
Michal: "Do you think your problem lately dare? Either you do not believe in it?"
Reporter: "Do not believe it."
Misha just hold back tears of resentment. He hopes that our radio heed regional chiefs, and maybe they’ll try utannits project, not to pull funds from its own citizens. In short, do something real for real people. And not for the welfare of Belarus.

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