L.Rehak: Price Schengen visas to open a discussion with Belarus advance

Deputy foreign minister Minister of Belarus Valery Voronetsky said in Brussels that "Belarus advocates the abolition of artificial tariff barriers and the simplification of the visa regime with the EU."
This application for Radio Liberty commented temporary charge d’affaires of Slovakia Lubomir Rehak:
"The European Union welcomes the initiatives of Belarus to expand cooperation. But the question of lowering the price of Schengen visas for Belarusians connected with the general policy of cooperation in the euro neighborliness, because it is part of this policy. "
In this vein, negotiations take place, for example, the governments of Ukraine, Moldova, and the Russian Federation, with which the EU has special conditions of partnership and cooperation.
Sovereign Rehak said:
"Also, with the Russian held a dialogue in all areas of enthusiasm 2-sides. And it is expected that the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and the Russian Federation or after expansion of Schengen will pay the lowest price for a Schengen visa — 35 euros.
In Belarus this question indeed open a discussion in advance. After the government and wants to join the European Neighbourhood Policy, and at the same time continuing to domestic policy, which the European Union, and not only he criticizes. The European Union — a society values.
And at the moment it’s hard to imagine that negotiations begin on visas with the government, which pursues delays own people, restricts their constitutional rights, support antyevrapeyskuyu municipal propaganda media does not respect the rights of the public and political organizations, and does not release political prisoners so on . "
According to Rehak, remain in force twelve proposals of the EU to Belarus. And the official Minsk to do them to the extent that would satisfy the EU. On the initiative of the official Minsk to begin negotiations sovereign Rehak said:
"We made a proposal to start negotiations, but as they say they are, in a technical issue visas. Visa But — this is not a technical question. This part of the policy of good-neighborliness. So you can not say that we will begin negotiations on visas, doing nothing in other areas of cooperation . A partnership — it is two-way. "
In the Polish embassy in Belarus said that Poland is beginning to work according to the rules of the Schengen agreement on November 1. If the situation is not exchanged, visas for Belarusians will cost 60 euros.
Press secretary of the Polish Embassy Sadkovskaya Monica said:
"The decision on the price of visas — is not Poland’s decision, and the decision of the European Union. So it should come with the European Union."
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