L.Zlotnikov: Household incomes grow at the expense of external borrowing

Tsigankov: "Perfectly aware of the problems in the Belarusian economy arising in the near future. Trade deficit grows, the price of Russian gas is growing, Belarus loses some markets for their own products. What resources can grow monetary incomes of the population?"
Zlotnikau: "This can only be done if the external debt will grow. Past 18 months, these debts are increasing, if the government will support this trend will increase the debt of banks, companies, because of that revenue growth may suffer. Unless these loans, then all social applets will be placed under threat.
The last 5-10 years, wage growth is faster than the growth of labor productivity and GDP. This is supported by grants of the Russian Federation, and now, when they are reduced — at the expense of external loans. It’s not the economy from overheating. GDP growth rate, for example, 36 percent in Azerbaijan, and we have — 8-9. "
Tsigankov: "Wage growth outstrips productivity. How it weighs on the economy? Where people Devala these ‘extra’ money, though for the most part they are certainly not excessive?"
Zlotnikau: "Not so little money is not most people. Currency per capita incomes are about 500 thousand rubles. Most of the people have no means to postpone. Yet a significant portion of the funds went to the bank deposits. But thanks to a bundle of income. Average earnings are low — about 650 thousand rubles. "
Tsigankov: "In other words we can say that the growth in average income falls in the main on the" rich "layers. Rich get richer?"
Zlotnikau: "I will answer this way: up 40 percent of the Belarusian population have incomes below the small consumer budget — least 300 thousand rubles per month. And such people almost half! "

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