Lebedko the election: We have strong candidates

Party Chairman Anatoly Lebedko said Radio Liberty:
"We are coming to this case impartially. We have a strong candidate in the capital, Minsk and Gomel regions, in Brest, Grodno. But in Mogilev and Vitebsk in part on our competitiveness worse. Take counsel, that there You can do any of our comrades of the United Democratic Forces support. "
Participants of the meeting told how in their regions prepare for Euro Public and marches. These activities, in their opinion, should be strong components campaign.
Under current legislation in the next elections House of Representatives must pass during the second half of 2008. But the opposition is preparing a list of possible candidates, as it does not exclude that early elections could be held.
• One of the electoral list may not be Democrats, 21.09.2007

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