Lech Walesa nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Stanislav Shushkevich

The fact that Lech Walesa is going to nominate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007, past president of Poland said the former head of Belarus at the end of last year during their meeting in Gdansk. While Stanislav Shushkevich taught courses in the Higher Political School in Poznan. Last Polish president had the right to nominate Stanislav Shushkevich, because he is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983.
Sovereign Shushkevich such material was amazed. He welcomed the initiative as supporting Lech Walesa Democratic Forces Belarus.
"I am very proud that the elected. When such influential people like Lech Walesa (and it is a famous person), was isolated, and if I know that I am supported by other worthy people — it is very pleasant: the sense that for you about someone else remembers. In contrast to ours, so to speak, manager who robbed me of my own pension from their own desires. Others understand it somehow different — people solid, unlike the local. "
According Shushkevich, on the initiative of Lech Walesa, his candidacy was also supported by other well-known personalities in the world. But without their consent call last names will not be managing Belarus.
Stanislav Shushkevich the Nobel Peace Prize was nominated, among other, for the initiative and implementation of tactical and strategic withdrawal of nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus, also for the initiative viskulevskim meeting in December 1991 the Governing 3 former Soviet republics.
Their chances to become the winner Stanislav Shushkevich not evaluate high. After all, in the midst of today’s candidates — the last German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, former U.S. vitseprezydent Al Gore and others known in the world of politics and human rights.
Prize winner will be determined in the second half of October in Oslo, Norway.
In Last year Nobel Peace Prize nominated head liquidated authorities Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski.

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