Leonid Putyrsky

Guest online conference — Chief Leonid Putyrsky mammolog MOH. Topic — how to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

On Wednesday, 29 August and 13 pm Minsk time on the site Radio Liberty held an online conference with major mammolog Belarusian Ministry of Health, Dr. Leonid Putyrsky. Leonid A. Putyrsky was born in 1956 in Maladzechna, finished with "gold" medal school, with "red" diploma — Belarusian Institute honey, finished the Academy of Management. Completed his doctorate at the Moscow Institute of Oncology Herzen. Since 1979 — the Research Institute of Oncology, the managing department of breast tumor. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor, member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus honey.

In an interview with Leonid Putyrsky Freedom said: "Breast cancer remains in first place in the midst of oncological diseases in women. And because very principle, so ladies knew of early diagnosis — is the key to a cure. There are working, it must and what not to do ladies, what strategy to choose, to reduce the risk of disease. "

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