Liberty Poll: can be dissolved in court to defend the honor and dignity?

Cpadarynya: "Looking at who will protect. If any bureaucrat — that very many examples where the error for one font in the names of either the photo they are not destroyed newspaper fined for mad amounts. If it’s justth man — it is not enough chances. Well, if you lit up as opposition leader, then you have the honor and the pros generally can not be. "
Woman: "I do not think. Like everywhere in court funds decide everything."
Man: "Not always. Since witnesses often give false testimony, and the court is hard to find."
Lady: "Fortunately, not experienced."
Lady: "If you have the honor and dignity, the Belarusian Tribunal will not go. In general, the country is built so that people with honor and dignity has no chance at life. Tribunal — separately, people — separately. The country has no honor. "
Man: "Do not ever come across this, not I can tell. "
Man: "deliberate, there is still need to separate pride pride. This is quite different concepts."
Lady: "You can not. As highly developed bureaucracy, it is very slowly, and often people who wish to defend their rights, they are not doing it because they do not think it possible to return the money spent. "
Man: "If you are an employee of the presidential administration, the KGB or MVD — no questions asked, and if you are diligent normal person — it is impossible."
Man: "I am disabled Chernobyl privatized apartment, the contract concluded. Tried to justify the legality. But it turned out that retroactively brought social benefits, and I refused. Law is, and prove nothing unreal."
Man: "By my views, unrealistic, as our independent tribunal. Honor and dignity will be able to protect only those who have the most influence, who have the means. A questionthe man protection at all is unrealistic. "
Reporter: "Can the Belarusian court to defend the honor and dignity?"
Guy: "I think which can be. "
Reporter: "Do you believe in objectivity, fairness?"
Guy: "Yes, I do."
Man: "Do not believe me."
Lady: "I do not know, to be honest. I do not know."
Woman: "Thank God, never had to face."
Reporter: "And in fairness, objectivity believe?"
Woman: "Yes, of course, this is a tribunal."

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