Liberty Poll: How zastseragchysya from terrorism?

Man: "It is necessary that each one has a moral and ethical standards that would protect us from that."
Lady: "In 1-x, do not violate the borders of another country. Politics of America, in my opinion, not very loyal. It invaded Iraq, a country of which they knew nothing — no religion (and religion in eastern countries is quite has a huge impact), no tradition, no culture or customs of the country.
Not was necessary try to change something there. I think in our country terrorism is not a very big problem, because the borders are closed, the Government Prevents. So that the protection is. "
Woman: "Everything depends on the policy of the country, the people themselves will not be able to protect themselves from terrorism."
Man: "First, you must understand their opinion, their culture, to understand how they live. Maybe establish diplomatic affairs."
Reporter: "How zastseragchysya from terrorism?"
Man: "I do not know. Certainly, to answer such a question should be experts at."
Guy: "You have to make a special base to ensure the safety of the country. Take our Belarus. Yes, there is a serious mode, but to a certain extent this is true. Besides, we have excellent police work, positions are constantly looking for all, well done! And the president is trying to maintain friendly relations with other countries. "
Man: "Just force measures inside the same country This problem not solve. Necessary to connect the control inside the country and need to be good foreign policy. "
Lady "It is very difficult question, because the terrorists also own a real person does not show and try usvoy that he had inside. Maybe more vigilant, careful to be. Besides, there organs to be be especially vigilant, always on guard. "
Military: "Comrade military can assure that terrorism can not be realized in Belarus."
2nd soldier: "Are you so sure that it was terrorists? In my opinion, this work is the FBI."
Man: "It makes no sense do something. The terrorists have all bought. Necessary as previously — publicly beheaded as before. "
Lady: "If force responsible force, it will lead to disaster. Should be diplomatic means, negotiations, I think so. "

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