Liberty Poll: rising more care?

Lady "The most important thing — it rents, as products. "
L: "All, especially for products from milk, for bakery products on oil".
Guy: "For beer, for apartments, for gas, the light — all."
Lady: "On food in towns malehankih not controlled prices. Especially bread is very expensive, most affordable product for the poor. Here in Minsk bread more or less decent can be purchased at an affordable price. And we in Smorgon expensive."
Reporter: "Found a price increase?"
Lady: "Of course, of course! What we have added, then taken away, like people durachiny do not understand anything. All behold the great all."
Dzyadok: "We are concerned about all the worries. Prices are rising, wages are not rising. After the New Year in general benefits canceled, will be very all hard. "
Lady: "What worries? On baby products for dairy products. And as rose oil, it’s a nightmare!"
Man: "The most sensitive food prices. I’m not talking about the rent. The main food unrestrained growth. Anyway, so called Indexing — it’s funny. "
Correspondent "appreciation of what disturbs you more?"
Lady: "Of course, stocks. And the rent."
Man: "Items. For an apartment can not pay. Liverkay eat often lacks bread."
Guy: "The main problem at the moment — the rise in price of the home. Youth very hard purchase housing, that young family had nowhere to live. "
Grandmother: "In everything, food, and rent. Especially for food, they are very expensive."
Lady: "At all! Pensions lacking. Even second-hand dress is unrealistic, since there, and prices. Shine not buy. What is read, if the elderly collect bottles! I, for example, does not allow to fall to such an extent my inner state, I’m an intelligent person. But others should be omitted. very highest prices for all, especially for oil. And same price jump as sunflower crop failure. entire city is in marble, and the elderly live as useless junk, trash. "

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