Liberty Poll: Should society know about the health control of the country?

Man: "Of course, should know."
Guy: "I think people should know. Since when bad health condition in control of the country, then what generally talk about the state?"
Man: "I do not think so. This is a personal question everyone."
Reporter: "And you are interested in the health status of Governors of the country?"
Man: "Of course, interested. Especially mental."
Lady: "With one side, I believe that people should know. With On the other hand, not about all the tasks only if some harsh moments. "
Man: "I believe that the health control — it is their personal difficulties."
Guy: "Of course, people should know. Why not?"
Man: "I do not motivate such questions."
Lady: "The state of health of the President and the Prime Minister should be good."
Lady: "Why all this know? So many diseases at all. They are the same people as All other. For example, I would not wish to delve into my illness. "
Man: "Certainly people need to know about the health of our president. But I know that he does not agree, that it examined, but it must be done."
Youth"By my views, not. Leaders of the country with their health themselves are able to understand. But about the other issues people should know. Head of the country — not pop star, and his personal issues — not for people. "
Lady: "I think so. As one who governs us, when he agreed to this post must be completely open to the people. "
Woman: "I think people should know. Leaders of the country determine our destiny."
Man: "They’re public figures, because must to be open. "
Lady: "About some severe disease, we need to know, especially as for psychological health. "
Woman: "Yes, you should know. This may have an impact on the power board."
Man: "You have to look at how health, or spiritual, mental or physical. Physical health is not always the main. But more needs to look at the spiritual health. If a person is slightly unwell in this regard, it somehow affects and how it will run the state. "
Dzyadok: "It is better to know. To create, how it works, as does his duties. And if he always "Working documents" as Yeltsin us such control is not suitable. He should be active, proactive and healthy. "
Reporter: "Did you understand at all healthy if our leaders?"
Dzyadok: "I do not know."

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