Liberty Poll: We must move freely

Youth"In Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. Our people often go there, and training — there are many of our students."
Youth"In Holland, Great Britain and France. I would like to visit the far flung corners. Look at Europe in general all. We just is not easily everything."
Student: "In Germany, France and, of course, in Poland and Lithuania, as in particular Poland and Lithuania are close to our country, most of the country adjacent to us. Very dense business people, they often need to talk and drive to visit. Germany France — I just love these countries . "
Student: "I would have said, Poland — it is close to Europe. Germany, I would say, because it set up communications."
Youth"In Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany too. Associated with our Business these countries, besides, relatives live there. "
Young lady: "I think Germany and the UK. Way our people travel more often."
Old lady: "I think, Poland, Lithuania general yes all countries, because we need to move freely. "
Youth"France and Italy. Basically, where, realize — not to rest, but that look. Would be desirable, but it is difficult with our policy."
Lady: "Certainly, in Latvia and Lithuania, we’re going to go there."
Student: "In Germany — so there good working conditions. In Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. "
Man: "In those where there is at least some prospects go. Certainly would have gone to Germany. "

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