Liberty Poll: Western Belarus traitors live alone

Reporter: "What is different from the western eastern Belarus? In your opinion, are there any differences? "
Lady: "In western Belarus people are more educated in their faith in God. Because they differ in their properties: they are more industrious, and properties such as honor, conscience, dignity in their more developed than those on the east side — there are people without faith, most pros. "
Man: "On my eyes, people from Eastern and Western Belarus are no different. And if someone finds the differences, it is all insinuations … Since one country, one people, and what a difference from the east or west you. From the geographical coverage as a human does not change. "
Woman: "All the same there are some differences. In any customs and even, probably, in the conversation. "
Man: "Of course, different! In western Belarus traitors live alone. Which only the West and stare!"
Woman: "I think people are no different. People here in Belarus friendly, benevolent. And I do not think that is very different from the western eastern Belarus. "
2nd woman: "In some places, more orthodox, and in others — Catholics. I think the only difference in this. In my relatives live Braslav district. Commonplace, it seems: the people and the people".
Young Man: "In the western part of Belarus belarushchyny much more. In villages and district centers can be heard more often whiteRussian language. For example, in Miory area or Gluboksky or in Postav Byelorussian is a natural phenomenon. And more noticeable that Western Belarusians — people are more open and utility. In the eastern part of the people were more constrained. "
Lady: "People living in the western part our country, differ from the eastern part of the inhabitants in that they are more active. That rely more on themselves. Because there are more personal business — private sector seems to be better developed somewhere in Brest … "
Woman: "I’ve never traveled in Russia, but I think that there is a difference. Worldview in, in-1’s. And yet … In the tradition there are some differences."
Man: "The West is more professes Catholicism east — Orthodox. But we all make up the mosaic of the same mother-country: everyone brings their part, and this country we all need. "
Radio Liberty

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