Liberty Poll: what prepyadstviya you would raise at the UN?

Lady: "Most worried about the fate of man, the protection of old, frail, lonely, unhealthy people."
Guy: "I am most trevozhut problem in our country, and not in the world. During 1-x, the political situation in Belarus. And in-2, youth difficulties. Youth evenings nowhere to go, and she sits and drinks beer. That’s what is most disturbing. "
Woman: "Most likely, the problem would affect large families. There is no customary law on the protection of large, the more single mothers."
Lady: "At first the problem of environmental, associated with the fact that our very Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster. And the second problem — is, of course, vulnerable people: families with many kids in orphanages, elderly people with a small pension."
Reporter: "If you were to let the UN podium, the question you have raised?"
Guy: "exchange students between universities in the world. In my opinion, the student is hard enough to knock out an internship abroad. To me, such as the student of foreign languages, it would be very helpful."
Lady: "I write essay on" Environmental culture man "because, for sure, I would have raised specifically this question. "
Lady: "I wanted to say, in Belarus suppressed freedom of speech, we have economic freedom, no economic reform, we are isolated from around the world. The whole world is a different method, and we are in complete isolation. "
Man: "I am worried the problem, so to speak, corruption of youth. I look at her and I feel from time to time for the shameful fact that no education."
Guy: "First, environmental issues, environmental protection, emission of pollutants. Nowadays it is very a hot topic. "
Woman: "I’m sure, that many come to Belarus foreigners — Arabs, Chinese, and they behave as hosts in our country. They should know that they are under no circumstances are not the masters. "
Lady: "I’d raised the problem of ecology. I am writing job compare product Christa Wolf "tragedy" of Chernobyl and the works of Belarusian writers, for example, Ales Ryazanov. I believe that environmental problems must be considered. "
Lady: "Problems of identity malehankih nations like Belarusians".

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