Life and death legends: Russian Reserve

"Reserves — protected area is located with in their usual boundaries or unique natural complexes are excluded from the economic and recreational use, as monuments of architecture, history and archeology.
In different media disk imaging Belarus have repeatedly called and call now Russian or communist reserve, bearing in mind that in this country hitherto preserved and firmly protected material and spiritual heritage Russian time. "

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"What’s the most common of Russian heritage preserved today’s Belarus?"

Oleg Trusov"A lot. First Soviet mentality and all that this implies. This — bad things to everything foreign, to the highest culture and religion, art, held and educated people. Fanaberystasts also excessive and disrespect for dissent. Especially necessary to emphasize the total disregard for the their roots, language, history, culture, traditions, historical and cultural monuments. "world of violence we razed to the ground, and then …" — so sang the Bolsheviks when they came to Belarus. And his promise fulfilled. "
Rakytskyy"Do you think that the mentality or psychology of the Belarusian society has given rise to contempt of public monuments of history and architecture? That same Lithuanian Communists rebuilt in Russian means castles and churches, and Belarusian — they blew up and rebuilt in warehouses and recreation. Which historical basis such psychology ? "
Bunnies"There are several circumstances which are worth mentioning. During 1-x, Lithuanians lived in independent state for over 20 years and managed to raise his own people homage to their native language, history and culture. Not a lot, they used historical myth of stateliness Lithuania from Klaipeda to Nesvizha and Peace, recorded it in their books, and so it believed that Stalin gave them initially Vilnius, Druskininkai later, and in 1945 and Klaipeda. After the war in Lithuania was a strong partisan armed resistance, and because Stalin was Lithuanian Communists concessions in cultural construction.
Belarus has all happened differently. Initially in Riga in 1921, Belarus was divided between Poland and Russia. With all this BSSR was created only on a part of the Belarusian ethnic areas without Smolensk, Bryansk and other lands. Belarusians were in the main farming civilization and believed their own masters Poles, who usually performed polonization policy, particularly in the areas of Western Belarus, while through the church. Did not have their enormous respect and Russian politicians that did not consider them as human beings, and Russian priests. Because defend "Lithuanian" locks "Polish" palaces and churches, "Russian" of the estate and the church local communists, especially not of Belarusian origin, did not want to. "
Rakytskyy"Belarusians do not rush to defend their native language, despite the fact that obviously take independent Belarusian government. During the census called native Belarusian language, and use the neighbor, Russian."
Bunnies"Again we compare with other neighbors — Lithuanians. Lithuanians generations taught only in Lithuanian, because once in the USSR, the Russian language knew perfectly, and have not forgotten their own, and the family had read fundamentally only Lithuanian, even in mixed families but such was not enough. western Belarus flooded full polonization. BSSR thanks byelorussization first position of the Belarusian language intensified, but in the 30 years of the twentieth century struggle against "natsdemavshchynay" led to the physical destruction of Russian initially, and later (after September 1939 ) and zapadnobelorusskoy elite. reads Belarusian, especially in towns, was just insecure. I distinctly remember crying as my grandmother, who, by the way, she studied at the Belarusian pedtehnikume coupled with Arkady Kuleshov, when I’m home and in the yard began to read Belarusian. It read: "granddaughters, whatever you do, for it will destroy you."
Rakytskyy"Would not it be something that would be different — says the proverb. And life confirms this. So what changed destroyed monuments Belarusian history and culture?"
Bunnies"Russian buildings. For example, in place Vosipavskaga cathedral XVIII century in Mogilev hotel built on the site of the cemetery built houses and stadiums, a ruined citadel Minsk — Palace of manpower, and later the subway station on the old porch Slutsky — House of Culture. list goes on. "
Rakytskyy"It seems to me, still half woes. Monuments But new heroes, new idol and put on the ground of old and new areas under their built. Cities and landscapes changed the landscape of the whole country. If metaphorically, the landscape and mentality .. . "
Bunnies"Propaganda, including the monumental work very much. Initially disrupted and destroyed monuments old royal times, with not only the streets and squares, but even got to the cemetery. Later monuments began to put the revolutionaries, especially Lenin and Stalin . After the war, when Stalin Khrushchev destroyed symbols, Belarus built up through Lenin statue (there are more than 400) and his followers. All the streets of towns and villages, especially in the center, were renamed in honor of Russian or Russian pre-revolutionary figures, and after the last war add the names of Russian soldiers and guerrillas. "
Rakytskyy"And now the label" a monument protected by the state ", he moved from the walls of temples and old castles on the image nemastatskiya leaders … I mean the expansion of communist ideology, communist creation legends of Belarus in Russian, the number of the most advanced. Right to such an extent that she became myth of creation and preservation of the Russian reserve. Why specifically Belarus overtook other Russian republics, the same own neighbors — Ukraine, Russia? "
Bunnies"Since then held conscious and focused experience for the creation of a new ethnic group — the Russian people. Began his Nikita Khrushchev, who arrived in Belarus on the porch and BSU solemnly declared that Belarusians were the first in the USSR abandon their native language and because the first heal under communism" .
Rakytskyy"Why chosen specifically Belarus, not Russia, Ukraine?"
Bunnies"Of the several circumstances. During 1-x, the smallest size. State elite were destroyed or were in the Gulag, or went into exile after the last war. Vo-2, sent to their place of people from Russia or from other republics , with more guys who often took to wife Belarusians, but the family had only Russian. B-3, sent thousands of troops here, delivered nuclear weapon. servicemen and their families lived in the special military towns where the Belarusian language is not fundamentally taught. And the government allowed them to do it again. Meanwhile young Belarusians were taken to work and permanent residence in the Republic of Karelia, Kaliningrad Oblast, Kazakhstan, Siberia, the Russian Far East and North. Young professionals Belarusian universities after traveling abroad Belarus and brought here nebelorus even Orthodox priests were taken. "
Rakytskyy"One of the tenets of that kill in the head Russian Belarusians, was the dogma of Russian people as the indestructible unity monolith of the Soviet Union as a vast place home. And Yakutia, and Estonia, and Turkmenistan were the birthplace of Belarusians, but Bialystok — no. A here again and broke independence. Why Belarusians soon accepted it and did not defend the USSR? "
Bunnies"Happened coincidence. During 1-x, Perestroika, wa
s created by the BPF, which prompted the historical memory of Belarusians, especially when they learned about Kurapaty. Chernobyl tragedy has brought people to the streets and squares. Also local government was against the restructuring and partly supported the August 1991 coup. Independence he needed in order to avoid punishment. And, of course, politics Yeltsin, who, fighting for power with Gorbachev, is obliged to rely on Ukraine and Belarus. USSR was abolished specifically Viskuly on our land. So Makar, most Russian part of the USSR separated and had to live without the help of others. "
Rakytskyy"But why is also very rapidly came to power people who are in the new reality-independent Belarus and the inevitability of market relations would seem to go contrary to logic? And in the midst of values already declare the second decade of Russian conservation values, first ideological? Belarus as a reserve Russian values — is municipal policy? "
Bunnies"In 1-x, local governance reforms are not adopted and decided to keep all the property without reforms. It is not artfully create oligarchic capitalism, as it was in Russia. With all this nostalgia for the Soviet Union, in which the inhabitants of Belarus live better than in restructuring and in the first years of independence, brought to power forces that used one hundred percent Russian mentality Belarusians who were born and live in the reserve. And just at the moment when the economy can no longer live by the laws of the Russian and grows 1 first generation born in the 1990s, this reserve may soon fall back into nothingness. "
Rakytskyy"Under what circumstances can be destroyed the myth of Belarus as a reserve? Who and when it may make the destroyer?"
Bunnies"In 1-x, the destroyer were and are external accidents that have occurred in all the neighbors and require economic reforms. Inside the Belarus against Russian canons favored by many businessmen, students and cultural elite. Now they are joined by part of the nomenclature, which wants to legalize their property at least according to the Russian standard. All this together makes the force that can and should eliminate the Russian mental habits. "
Rakytskyy"And while Belarusians this myth is not destroyed, if they could use it?"
Bunnies"They are taking advantage of this and yet full. Through appropriate ideological promises Our homeland gives a cheap energoelementy. And at the same time the kids range of study abroad and already preparing to take power by others, not Russian, the samples."
Rakytskyy"And in the end, what, in your opinion, should be done with real signs of Belarus as the Russian reserve, those hundred square meters of columns, busts Bolsheviks, among which and people who had not only" fire engine instead of the heart ", and a bloody hand ? "
Bunnies"You have to again take an example from the same neighbors, the same Lithuanians. I propose to make a museum of Russian monumental propaganda. And place it far away from the Kurapaty, so that people beheld: here they are — those who burned Kurapaty blood." Tags: atlyantyda, bunnies, legends, Reserve

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