Likely a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition?

Recently the "European March" opposition offered dialogue to the authorities. That rely on the opposition favorites? In what aspects can be found that the authorities have met? What is the role of Russia in this process?
Ivashkevich: "Choosing between democratization and polonium"
Valery Karbalevich: "I think the opposition has the new rite. As usual, the other day a street protest organizers define the purpose, the slogans, the script, the route, submit an application to the city council. With this year during such operations offer sounds authorities — to start a dialogue.
In this case, we propose a dialogue on the development of relations with the EU. But he expects the opposition? It is clear that the European Union as a condition for dialogue with the official Minsk by issuing a start democratization in Belarus.
But the reality is negotiable. Repression not only last, but even worse when looking at measures against the "Young Front". So what counts opposition? "
Viktor Ivashkevich: "We must consider the power not as a monolith, as different groups with their own interests, who are trying to influence decisions Lukashenko.
Now head of the country does not know what steps do occur because contradictory acts.
On the one hand, the deputy minister of foreign affairs Voronetsky travels to Brussels and offers dialogue. And on the same day at the mercy of other people organize trial of "the Young Front". Needless to say, no one plan, because if it was, these actions have spread in time.
Repression focused on that to disrupt the dialogue between Belarus and Europe. This is the casea Russian agents in the Belarusian authorities. Because Moscow wants to have the "iron curtain" between Belarus and Europe. If the opposition will claim after victory we all Governors headed by Lukashenko put him in jail, it will support Russia.
Because we are ready to have a dialogue with the authorities. We are ready to bring a thick line under all the bad things that did mode until this time (as didand in Poland, "Solidarity" in negotiations with Jaruzelski) — besides killing people.
We need leaders in power to show that their private property rights and state will be guaranteed. They will be able to stay in politics, in government, when democratic elections their support people. Suppose they went out and brought two or three people on which can be hang all the sins of the current regime.
This is the way the state of compromise in order to Belarus changed geopolitical own choice — from imperial Russia until democratic Europe. "
Karbalevich "Mr. Ivashkevich true I realized your idea that Lukashenko — Belarus is a patriot, and only Russian agents in the country’s leadership is pushing it on a slippery slope?"
Ivashkevich: "Lukashenka — everyday Teran, who wishes to maintain their position and sees the world around him has changed and become more complex.
And to preserve their power, or part of it, or give it to the offspring, he must realize that the European direction of development profitable to him than Designator coup inspired by the FSB. Indeed, in the unlikely event he has no chance, he threatens polonium.
Before him the choice between democratization and polonium. And we say to him: "Alexander G., you are, for sure, did not give a written order to destroy people. Certainly, throughout the guilty, for example, and Paulichenka Shejman. So decide this question, and all your stays with you. "
Whether real hopes of the opposition?
Vadim Treasurers: "Such hopes have no real reason. We do not have a situation like the other day, the Polish negotiations "Solidarity" with Jaruzelski. There’s "Solidarity" had the support of most of the population.
If the opposition had such power, then the question of power could be traded. At the moment it is not. Then why and to whom Lukashenko must give up power? Dialogue can take place only when the balance of power. "
Karbalevich: "And if we consider these proposals on the basis of belief strategy or PR?"
Treasurers: "Even from this point of view, they are unfounded. After officials utter that we do not want to talk to you because you have no idea real. And people will accept it. "
Ivashkevich: "We propose a coordinated EU position that exposes the twelve criteria, and the opposition. We say that without our visa will not be a real dialogue with Brussels and Minsk authorities have not received those dividends, that counts.
Hopes that the regime suddenly fall down, even less real. If FSB organizes a coup in Belarus nomenclature, it will be better for us? Nobody offers more configuration options in the country. Maybe my opponent is preparing an armed uprising? "
How to find that the authorities have taken a step forward towards the opposition?
Karbalevich: "In what aspects can be found that the government went against the opposition?
Here, for example, if the action during March will develop the same scenario as in the action on the day of the Will? Then riot police did not allow the opposition to October Square, but aggressive violence was not, opponents of the regime were able to gather about the Academy and held a rally there.
If at the moment of action will be developed as well, can be say that the authorities have stepped forward — and likely dialogue? "
Ivashkevich: "If the authorities’ behavior is a copy of what happened on March 25, it will mean the authorities have not decided what to do, and are in limbo. After all, the day Will the authorities have received no dividends. "
Treasurers: "In any case, the acts of the authorities during the" Euro march "can not be an indicator. Will it be dispersed, will be held peacefully, it does not mean anything. "
What is the role of Russia in this process?
Karbalevich "Mr. Ivashkevich already recalled Russian reason. Expression of the march organizers that this event is held, to show protest against Russian encroachment on the independence of Belarus.
Particularly impressed with your, sire Ivashkevich thesis, which appeared on one of the websites that in the current situation slogans demanding the resignation of management Belarus will be considered as pro-Russian. How do you comment? "
Ivashkevich "How can offering dialogue and immediately seek the resignation of those politicians with whom we are going to negotiate? Then instead of the dialogue can be a revolution.
Then you want to select another slogan like "Down with autocracy" and the creation of an interim government. But chances to storm the Winter Palace on the moment. More chances for dialogue.
When they say that you need to remove the "criminal regime", I ask, how? What is the mechanism? Must be reached before the end. In another out destructive denial of all proposals. "
Treasurers: "Why Sovereign Ivashkevich thinks a dialogue with the authorities more real than, as he put it, storming of the Winter Palace? Dialogue likely when certain balance of power. While it is not a dialogue impossible. Another thing is that the probability of imitation dialogue, but that’s another story. "
Ivashkevich: "All the arguments that the idea of dialogue is hopeless, efficient only when offered options for change. And other suggestions I can not hear."

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