Liquidation threatens another three opposition parties

As stated by the Ministry of Justice, despite the requirements and warnings, these parties to This time did not do the right amount of organizational structures. According to the law, political parties are required to have a Minsk city and regional organizational structures more than 4 fields. Ministry of Justice threatened that may put the issue on the termination of the parties or their liquidation in court.
BSDP (Gromada) has registered four regional and Minsk city organization. According to managing affairs Sidorevich Anatolia, in the prevention of Justice have confusion in the documents:
"Maybe bureaucrat was instructed, but confused. Certainly, the bureaucrat who wrote this order minister, confused our party and the other party. So he refers to a document which was not. We still read: will, as with the Communists initially, and later — with the party "Hope." And we were that followed the Union of the Left parties "will be ours."
Chairman of the legal committee of the BPF Party Vladimir Labkovich explained party lacks a regional organization to comply with the legislation:
"Local authorities in droves couple of times we refused to such registration. We did sample such registration in the Grodno region a couple of times. We denied legal address, although given prior consent. Same was in Mogilev and Vitebsk. We came to contract us acquainted with the room, and after 5 minutes of calling that can not pass the room. In some places read: Well, you’re all aware. "
Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich calls warning Political Justice:
"We see this as a preparation for a political campaign, the parliamentary elections, the Communist Party was initially at the moment and the other BPF political parties. It’s all focused on the creation of obstacles to political parties for a role in a political campaign. In 2004 were eliminated public organizations other day of the parliamentary elections. Recently the presidential elections were made in the configuration of the Penal Code, whereby pursue youth activists. Before this election, I think, will attempt to exclude from the struggle for parliamentary elections in the political parties. "
In the midst of lots which cautioned also Belarusian Social Sports Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Republican People’s Harmony Party.
• PKB not allowed use their accounts, 02.08.2007
• PKB activity may be suspended, 31.07.2007

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