Listeners should know that such pickets held at least some weather.

Nicholas Petrushenka "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "I twice pleasant to listen to Tolochin District, where I live. In this regard, I can give a little comment about the announcements that the local vertical gave permission for any rally or picket in the district center a symbol of investigation for leisurely sonorous Criminal Affairsam. Hunting highlight that it is nothing else, as the intention hands inhabitants pin policemen, local vertical so very not like the new police chief. But go to the rally need even more so, If this gives the power to sanction the rally. I’m waiting for ever since local authority our hands will be on Lukashenko pressured to keep your skin vertikalschikov. By my views, Radio Liberty should bring up their own radio on September 30 across our country Pickets. And people, listeners should be aware that such pickets held at least some weather. With communist greetings to listeners. "

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