Lukashenka says that he wants to uncover cases of disappeared

"Uncover the truth in this sense, I would be very interested" — quoted by Interfax Lukashenko.
Speaking about the disappearance of cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky, the president said that "this investigation is never locked."
"Dima Zawadzki for me — the biggest wound. This completely honest, decent man, he is no relation to politics … He had no

A couple of times at the same table we Dima Zavadsky dining and breakfast …

comped me a couple of times as a journalist my first presidential career. Visited my residence and I remember a couple of times at the same table we were dining and breakfast, when he accompanied me. The criminal case the prosecution Tribunal rendered. Man serving indefinite imprisonment. But for me, the fundamental question to find if he died, the corpse of the man. "
Previous Interior Minister Yuri Zakharenko past chairman of the Central Election Commission Victor Gonchar, businessman Krasovsky disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1999 by journalist Dmitry Zavadsky — in 2000. Criminal cases on their extinction more than once suspended, and later rebuilt anew.
Requirements to disclose the truth about the kidnapping of these people are in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and OSCE.
Current and former bureaucrats the power structures Vladimir Naumov, Viktor Sheiman, Yuri Sivakov, Dmitry Paulichenka Arrivals banned in the U.S. and the EU because of suspicions about the disappearances.

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