Lull in the real estate market. Autumn before the storm?

During July and August the staff of real estate agencies in droves to go on leave. At the same time, this practice for realtors remains a common even in the most difficult moments of "revolutionary skalanannyav" on the housing market.
For quiet summer — stormy autumn?
This year Specifically se. Since the early to mid-2007, according to special portal, Minsk price per square meter studio apartment on average rose from 1660 to 2030 bucks-ti. Square meter two-bedroom apartment increased in value from 1520 to 1945 bucks. Favorites in the sprint price — bedroom apartments: growth in six months was 21%, in terms — from 1380 to 1950 dollars per square meter. But for more than a month the prices are actually not moving. Forever Is a lull?
I ask a professional real estate market, realtor Lena Belan:
"Yes, at the moment a lull, but it will be completed soon. I think that will end in September. Last two weeks people have just started moving more or less, call do something. Hitherto had a lot of sentences, but there was virtually no customers. And so almost all summer, at least, the second half of it. "
Reporter: "And yet, due to decreased or simply locks in place?"
Belan: "Little declined. Currently, one-bedroom apartment can be purchased for 60 thousand dollars. But it will, of course, is the smallest" Khrushchev. "Soon, perhaps, prices jump again. However, I can not predict to what extent, but that this will happen in the fall, will begin noticeable growth — it is a fact. And there is such a world: if the cost of gas will jump again, people will start to intensively sell huge apartment on the smallest change — bedroom apartments for two and so on. "
Reporter: "Can you name the average price per square meter of housing in Minsk?"
Belan "meter square in Minsk? Well, least than 1500 — 1600 bucks practically sold. By 2000, new buildings are rooted in Minsk, and even a little more happens, regardless of the room apartments, prestigious area, etc. Most expensive apartment — it "stalinki" on Independence Avenue and, of course, new. Especially in areas such as Uruchcha West. Where built fine homes overpriced comfort for unusual projects are not typical. So now, there is the most precious home " .
Through the auction — again to market prices
Completely natural that when existing home prices quite petty number of people can afford to purchase yourself is not something that the elite, but even the most moderate of the home. Yet local authorities and try to take out such a situation a maximum of buyers having a particular interest in the housing and that the most fundamental, real money.
August 15 was held in Minsk third auction of new apartments. Exhibited 31 apartment without "finishing" is not in the elite area of the street Pritytskogo. Starting price looked very "democratic" — only 930 dollars per square meter. But in the process of trading prices eventually grew 2.2 times, reaching all the same market in 2000 dollars per square meter. But — all apartments are sold. In other words, an apartment 100 meters left at auction for 200 thousand dollars.
More painful for the price factor is the question of trust in the real estate agencies. As "yellow", and severe editions provide 10s cases of people who have been victims aferystav — in including and those who spoke from certain agencies. Of course: the criteria of operating exorbitant amounts essentially to find a mediator who would not only encroached on decent fee from the selection of residential options, but in fact has promoted understanding in a narrow market specifics.
For 1st "goat" will answer all
Currently in Belarus has more than 130 real estate companies. It is almost two times less than that number, which was not so long ago. Huge amount of negligent "helpers" has led to several 10’s offices had to use "under the knife". But, as they say themselves representatives of the industry, to run into problems really until now.
Realtor knows Olga Krupnikava:
"Those who work long and measured, for trivia and no nonsense" flies. "They do not allow themselves to never anything like this. Which, incidentally, is quite often the case with small agencies. And at the same time plus a" clean "in the that the same Realtors, which on this day pretty much, will also not allow yourself to things for themselves many allowed. Due 1st "goat" as statedcamping, may suffer the whole herd (of course I’m sorry). But this is exactly true, because, frankly, even in our environment there are times when we did our colleagues and "throw".
The real estate market remains one of the most favorable to its active players. But console intrigued person Belarusian reality obviously inferior to high demand for real estate in the adjacent RF, where the price of five thousand dollars per square meter nobody will amaze.
"In the fall of property prices start to rise again" 4.06.2007

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