Lunches Ivyanets: Do we read BRYU Narodnaya Volya

Reporter: "Is it true that you are the only student on the course, which reads in Russian?"
Adamovich, "We have three branches. Never heard someone say in Belarusian. But the fruits of such pronunciation is, after the third part of my group with me to speak Belarusian."
Reporter: "How did it start?"
Adamovich: "At school I taught history teacher Belarus. He taught us the real story, explained perakruchanasts modern system. Later began independent work — reading newspapers and books."
21-year-old Yuri Adamovich graduated from the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. And before he was brought up in the orphanage. Parents are alive Jura, also his three brothers and sister have become social orphans — spilisya ancestors.
Reporter: "How do you get to the boarding school?"
Adamovich: "One lady assist us translate to an orphanage. Most younger brothers so far in a dorm somewhere in Kopyl district."
Reporter: "With what feelings are visiting his home village?"
Adamovich, "came a couple of hours — I have not zatrymlivayusya. With parents like? There is a psychology — just complain."
In the central square 5000th Ivenets worth Fair. Works here pensioner Galina jackals. Constant participant applets "Dining in Ivyanets" she categorically in January said it would no longer do business. Allegedly, the years are not the same, well, it does not bring profit — not enough even to cover the roof of the house.
But look — Galina again now trades in fruits, vegetables and beverages.
Reporter: "How Matseste?"
Shakal: "Aby-what! Nobody gets. Ivianiec Our small, and many shops and stalls. That we were the first, and may have better at the end … While reach here, all purchased."
Reporter: "You are to me a couple of times were that no longer will do business …"
Shakal "But nowhere to go! Scion has 4 sons, born 5th — granddaughter. Necessary to feed them."
Reporter: "And the offspring get a job?"
Shakal: "Nowhere. Well, there was no time. Daughter in law was pregnant, he always when it was. We have nowhere Ivyanets arranged so that could provide for his family. "
All summer Yuri Adamovich worked in construction. What specifically built and where, unwilling to read. Say, did not work perfectly legal, then what about this?
A cup of coffee I’m interested Yuri: How to exchange his fortune from the beginning this year?
Adamovich: "On day 5 bucks necessary, so only eat, but for a month — 150, but it at least. A scholarship — 115 thousand."
Reporter: "You are currently studying in Minsk, but from time to time visit Ivianiec. How does the town? "
Adamovich: "Prices for main products increased by 300 rubles. People keep their farms because can still live a normal life. People began to engage in business. But it is clear that this prevents power. This to keep under control, so that people were dependent during elections . Vo-2 is to curb the development of democracy. "
During visits to own the rarest Ivianiec Yuri Adamovich certainly comes to retiree Nicholas Kukso. The age difference — not a hindrance for friendship. They share the news together. Nicholas Kukso once taught at George in a boarding house geography.
On sovereign Kukso remind you that in the past he was a lawyer, teacher, and agitator-propagandist. Every Saturday in the old bath Kukso recounts in "Narodnaya Volya" and heard on "Freedom."
And in our program there Nikolai shares observations about how the prices in stores Ivenets.
Kukso: "Went yesterday to buy oil. Once it was 2,500 rubles, I look at the moment — 3300, bread was 870, and at the moment — 900. As people eat — bread, milk, eggs, greens. This poor nutrition. more on pensions is not enough.
Power says that 7% in September, will raise our pensions. But I know something else: those states that have prosperous Belarus, wages increased twice. It seems that the bureaucrats thrive and impoverished elderly. "
Reporter: "What Ivyanets announcements in the past month?"
Kukso: "We’ve got a stubborn lukashisty. So here is one such read:" I will only vote for Lukashenko! "He heard enough teleconference discussions … met somehow. Reads:" No, I vote for Lukashenko will not! "Well, the second stubborn lukashist over time became my hand feeding, welcome. know, there is a certain shift."
Own guest Yuri Adamowicz I ask follow-up question:
Reporter: "Is it true that you headed BRYU community?"
Adamovich, "Yes, there was such a school. Said all start. Practically, I did not do anything there, only there numbers."
Reporter: "Some kind of community activity in the orphanage was?"
Adamovich: "It was faster opposition activity. We talked with classmates and teachers about political developments in Belarus and abroad." Narodnaya Volya "read along. When I went to college, said that ticket BRYU I have, I did not join in this company. At the Institute, I said the same thing. "
Reporter: "And you do not regret that once entered into BRYU?"
Adamovich: "Pity that was — it is very silly. "
In Ivianiec I looked over a few days after, Belarusian authorities were not allowed to enter the area of Belarus Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Poland Krzysztof Putra chairman of the opposition party "Civic Platform" Donald Tusk and Groups chapter of solidarity with Belarus in the Diet Robert Tyszkiewicz.
On the border of Polish politicians said they "threaten the constitutional system of Belarus." Alexander Lukashenko later commented incidents followed: "The Dali them in the face, and was right. No it’s notwhat to do . "
In Ivyanets a community official Union of Poles. In the Polish House Sunday school. Singing-dancing group "Kresavyanka" touring Volozhin district and outside Belarus.
The local branch of the Union of Poles led by a pensioner, a former geography teacher Teresa Sobol. Very carefully, carefully choosing his words, she knows me about the last performance of "Kresavyanki" in Poland — and unwittingly begins to associate the life of Belarusian and Polish elderly.
Sable: "If you look at the lives of the elderly, they’re better live. They can allow yourself to go somewhere, to buy things, change the furniture. More curiously live. Our people work more hours and even Belarus not move a lot, and on abroad and do not ask. "
Reporter: "From time to time you look TV, listen to the radio … this recollection that there is an aggressive attitude to Poland. At the village level, there is a certain section?"
Sable: "People live in harmony. They are turning their attention more on the positive properties" .7
Reporter: "And in Ivyanets a large Polish community and how many people?"
Sable: "In alliance took 337 people. I believe that it is not enough for Ivenets. Given that 80% of the inhabitants Ivyanets Catholics, the Union of Poles might be under a thousand friends."
Reporter: "Personal question: why do you have NO signs on the doors?"
Sable: "To keep our house, you need to have funding, and it is unclear how we live. Indeed we can not assist Poland. Necessary to pay taxes to pay for the light. Signage not to us."
The same subject — the life of the Polish community of the city — we are discussing with Yuri Adamovich.
Reporter: "The originality Ivenets that have the Polish House. Either perceptible role in the life of the Union of Poles Ivenets?"
Adamovich: "Those people that have enthusiasm to come back and attached to the Polish culture. My mom polka, Polish father, but I do not consider myself a Pole. What the weight and value of prypisannya itself to another civilization
? "
Reporter: "It is clear that there are tensions between the official Belarusian and Polish authorities. Feels whether this tension in Ivyanets?"
Adamovich, "This is just politics. There are difficulties on state grounds."
Reporter: "And even when TV shows detention Tipo Polish spies or something that is not allowed in Belarus deputies of the Diet?"
Adamovich, "There is still depending on the political views. When people with democratic gaze, they behold the it gryazyuka. And people who are not interested in anything, believe that enemies everywhere, it is like."
The last meeting in Ivyanets this time — Valchevskiya. Arithmetic Teacher Ivan Valchevski — freshly retired. His wife Teresa is not working for a couple of years. Third in their family — a cat in March.
A few months back the Ivan Valchevski predicted that if he goes out of school, there will be more to save — the teacher’s salary will not be, will have to live on a pension.
And about the cat Martha — a separate conversation. From the beginning, the cat recognized for food alone whiting fish. All samples owners translate it to liverku or at least "Kityket" does not end there. Later in March, awakened instincts, and she began to catch mice. Valchevskih satisfaction was short-lived: a few times rasprobovala mice, Martha refused such delicacies.
In the house — only Valchevskaya Teresa. The owner went on some parts.
Older people make repairs.
Valchevskaya: "We started some stupidity. Wanted boiler change, because he does not have the water warmed. Currently got hold dear boiler for 850 euros. It is no longer going to put a column set tile, put a shower and toilet."
Reporter: "If the same for you it cost?"
Valchevskaya: "Four or five million rubles."
Reporter: "How long you’ve been collecting funds to make repairs?"
Valchevskaya "Maybe half year were of retirement. We are in themselves not to refuse, postpone and balances."
Reporter: "The gas that will be supplied to Belarus, will be more expensive. Very Does this affect you?"
Valchevskaya "winter comes, then we will pay 40-60 thousand per month. Pull all of the people. Unless the government is busy about us? No, she never fussed, not fussing and will not bother! They do not understand how to conduct its policy and how people need to adore. "
Reporter: "Tell the vision of their own policy: that we true, and that — no."
Valchevskaya: "I only 1st hunt to not build arenas. Currently in Minsk again build. They say that the world itself has not. What is it to us? They should become richer people live!"
Reporter: "How is your cat Martha?"
Valchevskaya: "I wake up in the afternoon and I cut her nyrachku for breakfast. For lunch — the fish is cooked, and for dinner I give" Kityket. "She catches mice, but do not eat them, because they do not desire it. Neither liverki nor Krivenkov also not eat. In! Look how she languid! "
Reporter: "Well, a kilogram weighs three or four."
Last question guest applets "Dining in Ivyanets" student of the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Informatics and Radioelectronics, future programmer Yuri Adamowicz:
Reporter: "You his life with Ivyanets will tie? "
Adamovich: "Since I Ivyanets closely ties will not. Khute all going to live elsewhere. Living in a huge campus and ride to work there. But to live in the town of mentally tough."

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