M. Statkevich of resignation Fradkov: absorption of Belarus continue

According to Nikolai Statkevich, "the spokesman Russian siloviki Vladimir Putin, who holds the power in Russia, decided to name a successor in advance so as not to bring the case to fight the clans."
Statkevich did not call the name of the successor, because he believes it is "irrelevant", "Whom shall presently be called, will become president." With all this Statkevich did not rule out that there will be a sudden candidacy because he believes that "Putin likes extraordinary steps."
Policy against Belarus with a brand new chairman of the Russian government will not change, says Belarusian opposition.
"No positive configurations that the relations with Belarus will not. No need to think that in the end will leave a bad Russian elections Putin and someone comes a new, decent. Politics absorption slices, quiet economic oppression will continuesmiling.
Had other plans: that Lukashenko concede and Putin will become president of the country combined, but Lukashenko took as 10 s billion dollars, and did not keep his word. Because we should not expect weakening. Let learns to live within our means and be vigilant because "office" in Russia it has a tooth. ‘
Our homeland: Fradkov’s government has not lived up to the elections, 12.09.2007

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